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Think You’ve Seen It All? How About Pumpkin Spice Cereal?

Guys, I think we might have overdone it this time.

I love pumpkin spice as much as the next person. It’s festive and associates with traditions that only happen at this time of year.

There are some things I’m okay with smelling or tasting like pumpkin spice. Coffee. Lotion. Pumpkin pie. The list goes on.

But then there are other things that should never taste like pumpkin spice. Orange juice. Caramels. Mouth wash. Toothpaste.

Orange juice should taste like oranges and caramels should taste like caramels. Mouth wash and toothpaste can taste like bubble gum or mint. I’ve had orange flavored toothpaste that was all right, but vary much from there and you’re pushing your breath into potentially dangerous, unexplored territory.

The thing is, though, as much as we complain about pumpkin spice everything in the past few years, companies keep making limited edition products because we keep buying them. Despite our eye rolls, we keep shelling out dollars for weirder and weirder products.

In that spirit, I’d like to introduce you to a very weird line of products which I never think should taste like pumpkin spice. But apparently somebody’s into it, because people are buying it. Maybe that’s you.

The line of products is…pumpkin spice cereal!

You can legitimately find all of these on Amazon.

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

Tired of the familiar and comforting taste of a cereal that you’ve been eating since before you could talk? Spice it up! We know creamer and coffee go with pumpkin spice, so why not milk and oats?

Whole grain oats are the still the first ingredient, but General Mills made sure that when they added the pumpkin spice flavoring, it came from all natural sources. You can officially say there’s pumpkin in your cereal.

You’re welcome?

Pumpkin Spice Life Cereal

Here’s another childhood staple you can make taste really weird if you want to! Pumpkin spice Life cereal is “naturally flavored with other natural flavors,” and we’re not really sure what that means.

But, heck, it’s September. Give it a shot!

Pumpkin Spice Special K

We know what you’re going to ask.

“Can anything this delicious still be healthy for me?”

Short answer: No, it’s not as healthy as the original.

Long answer: You’ll be getting the same amount of calories—but in a different serving size. One cup of regular Special K has 210 calories, while Pumpkin Spice Special K has 210 calories in ¾ cup.

Pumpkin spice also has a percentage point more saturated fat in this smaller serving size, and 5g more sugar. If you made the serving sizes the same, regular Special K would have 157.5g of sodium per serving while the Pumpkin Spice version boasts 200g.

If you’re eating Special K because you’re hyperconscious about health right now, this might not be the best time to blow extra money on the pumpkin spice version.

If you just really like Special K and pumpkin spice and can’t stop thinking about them getting together, go for it.

Pumpkin Spice Frosted Mini Wheats

Yup. You can get Frosted Mini Wheats in pumpkin spice flavoring, too. In fact, that’s exactly where you’ll find the festive addition: in the frosting. They even made it orange for you.