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This Halloween Treat Your Wallet With Savings

There is no doubt in the fact that children wait for Halloween and so do you. In fact the amazing costumes and the candies are something that everybody looks forward to this time of the year. But the expenses that come with the celebration are surely a turn-off for most. Costumes, decorations parties and candies all take up a large part of your monthly budget. If you are also looking up for ways to save money this Halloween, here are some useful tips:


  1. Costume swap parties: You are surely not the only one on a tight budget. There are several people around you going through a similar financial crunch. You can swap your child’s last Halloween costume with someone who also wants to do same. It is surely a no loss situation.  Tip: Connect with your friends through social networking sites and see if you can arrange for a meeting to swap the dresses. But ensure that there should be no fitting problems.
  2. Clearance sale: You can get your hands onto some great offers at the annual clearance sales. Sometimes you can get offers with discounts up to 70% on great costumes as well as party decoration materials. Shopping for the next Halloween is also a great trick used by some smart mothers. Tip: Keep a track on the clearance sales as the stocks literally disappear from these sale stores.
  3. Use your creativity: If you are blessed with the creative souls, you can collect cheap raw materials from thrift stores and make a perfect costume for your little kid. You can be sure that your child will love your efforts and you can also take into considerations his/her suggestions. You can also involve in creating decoration stuff for parties. Tip: Try to collect as much raw material from your home or garage stock. You can also recycle your last Christmas’ decoration just by adding a little effort.
  4. Visit super marts: Super marts or in fact every shop in your vicinity will offer a sale on Halloween goodies as the day draws near. So wait till you spot a favorable deal. Buying in bulk is also beneficial if your kid demands it often. In case snacks don’t come within your budget, you can go for non- edible goodies such as erasers or pencils or key rings for kids. Tip: Don’t forget to check the local deals newsletter or online discount stores to get discount coupons.
  5. Look out for coupons: It is very important to look out for coupons and discount deals around Halloween. There are many party stores, malls and costume stores that come out with lucrative coupons and codes to lure the customer. If you are wondering, where to find these coupons, then there are many dedicated portals that get you details about the latest deals and codes announced by the leading stores.

These 5 tips will surely help you save around Halloween when arranging the party for the teens to please them without spending the fortune.