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This is What You Can Buy on Black Friday

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Black Friday is a crazy day to score some even crazier deals. Over the past few years, stores have even begun opening on Thanksgiving Day, to give more people time to shop. Whether you love this holiday for the chaos or you’d rather avoid the chaos and get what you need, Promos Pro is already a step ahead of you. If you want to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping, check out these amazing deals before everyone else does!

Black Friday, sales, IPad mini 4, Best Buy

Ipad Mini 4

Have you been eager to buy yourself a tablet, but you just can’t foresee spending the money on one? Perhaps your child or your niece or nephew has been wanting one for Christmas, and you’ve been wondering where on earth you can get one at a good price. Well, this Black Friday, Best Buy is having a deal on the Ipad Mini 4, which you can get for just $100.

Black Friday, sales, new appliances, Home Depot

New Appliances

When you think of buying Christmas gifts, perhaps Home Depot isn’t the first store that comes to mind. But, if you’ve been trying to make some improvements on your kitchen or you want some gadgets for the bathroom, you’ll be happy to know that Home Depot is having up to 40% off major appliances this Black Friday. Woo-hoo!

Black Friday, holidays, Christmas, toys, Toys R' Us

Toys, Toys, Toys

Santa can’t do everything this holiday season! That’s why Black Friday is here to save the day. If you’re shopping for the little ones in your life, you know where to go first. Babies R Us always has great Black Friday deals, from board games and toys to DVDS and bicycles. Whatever play gifts you’re looking to save money on this holiday, you’ll be sure to find it here.

Black Friday, deals, musical instruments, guitars, Guitar Center

Musical Instruments

Want to jam out this season? Then score some Black Friday deals at Guitar Center. The entire store is having great deals in each department. So, whether you’re looking for that guitar you’ve always wanted or you want to buy a drumset as a gift for the little musical prodigy in your life, they’ll have it here!

Black Friday, stocking stuffers, shopping, deals


Stocking Stuffers

It’s almost time to fill up those stockings by the fireplace, and all the goodies “Santa” puts inside can add up in price pretty quickly. But, if you head to WalMart or Target on Black Friday, you’ll be sure to find tons of deals on toys and treats to fill up those stockings with. What are you waiting for? Make sure you’re at these stores early, because things will certainly go quickly!

Black Friday, jewelry, Macy's, deals, save


If you want to get someone special in your life something nice this holiday season, then jewelry is a good way to go. Macy’s will have tons of sales on Black Friday. You’ll be able to save money on anything from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and watches. Get something nice for someone you love, without needing to spend a lot of money.

Black Friday, sales, Christmas, winter accessories

Winter Accessories

It’s starting to get real cold out, and it seems like no one is ever prepared. Perhaps your kids have been using the same hat and scarf for the last couple of years, or maybe Mom and Dad deserve a comfy pair of leather gloves. Whoever the lucky gift recipient is, visit JCPenney on Black Friday to get good deals on hats, gloves, scarves, fuzzy socks, and everything in between!

Don’t get stuck wondering what to buy for Black Friday. Head right to these stores to buy these awesome gifts!

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