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Throwing a Memorial Day Party on the Cheap

Memorial Day is this weekend and before you know it, celebrations for the Fourth of July will be in full swing. Get your red, white, and blue ready and your party hats on (stripes are huge this year).  If you shy away from parties because they tend to break the bank, check out these tips to keep the cost down and fun flowing. Apply these great tips to your summertime graduation or birthday parties, too.

DIY Decorations

Don’t waste money on cheap looking plastic stuff. Give it a personal touch and create a look or theme that carries through the whole day and that you can save and repurpose. Martha Stewart has ideas for every occasion! We also checked out Pinterest for some DIY patriotic decor and came up with ideas to decorate, like using red, white, and blue bandannas as placements, napkins, or table runners (just overlap them). Below is a super simple table display if you hit up the local dollar store, or Five Below.

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Spending Money Where it Counts 

Food and Alcohol

Potluck is your best bet. An easy way to organize this is to create an Evite and ask people to state what they’re bringing. It makes it easy to keep track.

Buy your alcohol at Costco. It is your best bet, without question. They huge selections, including high end, but their middle of the road alcohol comes in bulk for a low price.


Brownies are always a huge hit and they are the cheapest and fastest dessert possible. Stick some American flags on a toothpick in your brownies to keep them festive. Again, bulk stores like BJs and Costco are known for high quality bakeries. In a pinch buy a platter there and call it a day.

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You can easily spend no more than $20 on a wireless speaker. Create a playlist of existing music or download the Pandora or Spotify app for ongoing music. And voila–your wireless DJ.

Keep it Small

The more people, the more money. Keep it cozy with your closest friends or family. Better yet, since they’re your buddies ask them to borrow tables, chairs and other needs. Renting these items can cost you much less than purchasing extra chairs and folding tables. But, if you’re a party thrower, then it might be worth the investment.

Balloons and Pom Poms

Balloons go a long way in the decor department. It’s a cheap way to decorate, so we firmly believe that more is more on the balloons! Huge bunches in strategic places can look really fun. One on a railing is not going to do it, but spending $20 on $20 balloons is a worthy investment in decor. They look especially fun when used in conjunction with paper pom poms! These are super cheap on Amazon, or Ali Express can color coordinate with any look.