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Ties for Cool Dads

We know, we know…yawn. Ties for Father’s Day. Been there, done that. But wait. Have you seen these ties? Have you checked out the amazing new world of neckties for dads? Have you thought about getting dad a really cool tie? So cool, that he’s going to make dinner reservations next weekend at a fancy restaurant JUST so he can wear it? Let’s look at how to shop for a tie for the contemporary dad and bring back this tradition!

The Special Interest Without Being Kitschy Tie

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Etsy $48

This gem has cars on it. But they’re sophisticated cars. They aren’t NASCAR cars (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This tie says, “I’m vintage and I’m not afraid to wear it on my shirt.” Plus, it goes with everything. The understated sepia tones make this a go-to tie for his next semi-casual event. Check out this deal from Etsyto apply to your awesome gift.

The Abstract Tie


This is such a cool take on the paisley tie. It’s actually also a cool take on a black tie. We love that it doesn’t really fit into a category. This tie has personality without being loud about it.

The Bad Boy Tie

The Tie Bar $19

When we searched “Skull tie” we came up with a lot of very cool options. You’d be surprised how popular skull and crossbone ties are. We love this look for a dad of any age. If you want to spice up a traditional black and white suit, this is the unexpected way to do it. This is edgy and cool, but if done well, can still be classy and sophisticated. Just be sure to pair it with a well-tailored suit and a pocket square. The Tie Bar has endless possibilities.

The Pink Tie

ties $20

The thing about a pink tie is that everyone is doing it. Pink ties are nbd, really. So what you want to do is a variation of the pink tie. We love this print because navy and pink are the perfect couple. There’s enough pink in here to soften the look without looking feminine or prom-like (Which as an aside, any plain tie in pastel colors will look like. Avoid.).