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Time for Father’s Day Shopping

We know, we know. You just finished Mother’s Day and now it’s time for another parental celebration?

It’s true. It’s officially time to go Father’s Day shopping. If you’re struggling to find a gift for dad, allow us to recommend a timepiece. While it’s true that they’re pretty much just for fashion now that we all can glance down at the mini computers we call phones anytime we want to check the hour, the added utility of a watch makes it an appreciated gift even for Dad’s who aren’t super into the latest trends.

There are tons of great places to shop, but today we’re highlighting one of our favorites for their deals and killer promo codes: MVMT.

Chrono Series Gun Metal with Sandstone Leather

The Chrono Series watch is one of MVMT’s best-sellers—especially when it has a Gun Metal face and Sandstone Leather band. It’s waterproof at up to 5 ATM—or 165 feet—so it will be difficult for him to mess it up.

If you’re not a fan of the coloring, you can mix and match faces and bands. The bands also come in black leather, tan leather and natural leather. The faces are available in white, silver and black if Gun Metal is not to Dad’s taste.

Modern Sport Series: Gold Coast

Need something even more hardcore and potentially flashier?

The Modern Sport Series is for you. This watch is waterproof up to 10 ATM, or 330 feet, and certain models like the Gold Coast (featured above) add a little more glitz than the Chrono series. This is a watch you could wear into the office and on your next outdoor adventure.

Like all MVMT series, you’ve got options. There’s Gold Coast, but you can also pick from Maverick, Abyss, Denali and Mariner.

Voyager Series: Rosewood

We love the timelessly classic look found in the Voyager series. The Rosewood is our favorite with a bold, white face, heritage gold rivets for numbers, and its leather band. Like many in the series, you do have the option of adding a charcoal band or rose gold band to swap out for the original leather.

If you like the Voyager look, but prefer a darker face, you’ll want to check out the Desert, Outback, Onyx or Camo models.

While the Voyager series is also waterproof up to 10 ATM, it is not recommended to take leather bands into the water. The watch may survive, but the leather likely won’t.

The 40: Rose Gold and Brown Leather

Similar to but simpler than the Voyager is the The 40. Its water resistance is only 3 ATM, but Dad will probably be wearing this to the office, anyways. Unless he’s a marine biologist, it’s not likely to be a problem.

Featured here is the rose gold face with a brown leather band. You can also get a black leather band, or a rose gold chain as a substitute. We’re obviously partial to rose gold, but if that’s not his thing you can also get The 40 in blue/gold, silver, black or white/black.