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Time to flaunt those 6 Baby Bumps

Gone are the days when dressing up during pregnancy meant looking baggy, wearing big sized clothes that hid those cute little growing bumps. The new fashion range for expecting women are designed to let them experience style for not just one or two but for all the nine months of their maternal period. Today’s modern woman doesn’t want to compromise looking stylish in a period that marks the transformation of her life. Below we have enlisted some of the handpicked dresses that will help you rock your maternal nine months in style…

  • Spaghetti  strap Hankey Hem Maternity Dress

Being stylish and being pregnant can now be used in the same sentence when you are wearing this pink colored beautiful spaghetti strap hankey hem line dress. Available in sizes from small to extra-large at Destination Maternity, you can also avail coupons for free shipping on orders over $100.


  • Megan Trouser Jeans by Maternal America

Do you think that you have to part with jeans just because you are pregnant… think again! has jeans with a 3-inch wide bellyband and stretched denim fabric that offers all time comfort. This awesome and detailed Jeans is quite comfortable for your needs and is available along with free products like belly to foot massage cream. You can even add additional 10% discount on all orders or free shipping coupons. Sounds interesting? Isn’t it?


  • Pencil Black Skirt

If you are not throwing away that jean why should you throw away that skirt especially when has this amazing black narrow pencil skirt. The comfort fit makes it a perfect wear for an office meeting or a formal lunch with colleagues. Designed with a special sketchy panel that fits comfortably around the belly, this Lilo Maternity Pencil Black skirt can be purchased at $9 flat using the coupons which are available at the website.


  • White Rose Lace flower Dress

Every wardrobe feels incomplete without a beautiful white dress and this knee length rose dress from is just what you need. Simple design, great comfort and amazing fit are some of the reasons you would love to slip into this dress every other day. This dress is extremely affordable if you use coupons that offer up to 30% off among other offers.


  • Grey long Sleeves Dress

This cute check dress from is sure going to make you look even cuter especially with your little bump. You can wear it for a day out with your girlfriends. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself with cute hair bands. You can get 12% off any orders over $79 with coupon code ANY.


  • Maternity Smock Dress in Floral

During pregnancy everyone wants to feel good and flowers are known to have that magic to make every girl smile. So with the same intention brings this floral dress with a scooped back design. If you are not of the bolder types and want to hide your bump and flatter your curves, this dress can do this very cleaverly.


So after this list of really cute and amazing dresses you will have to admit that Pregnancy has never been this fashionable and these dresses sure have a place in your closet when you are on the family way.

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