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Tips for Better Sleep During the School Year

Kids need sleep, and the younger they are, the more sleep they need. I know each of my kids come home from school exhausted, but it’s much worse for my son who is in Kindergarten this year. He has never been in school, and so this is all new to him. A few days ago, he came home from school absolutely exhausted. He fell asleep around 4pm and slept all the way until 6am!! His little body was just screaming for sleep – obviously. So, it’s my job to make sure he gets the sleep he needs, and be sure it’s good sleep.
Here are some tips for helping your child sleep better this school year:

  • Have a set bedtime. I know, I know! You’re busy, and you have lots to do! We all hear you loud and clear, but children do better when they have a set bedtime. My primary and elementary aged children have a set bedtime of 8pm. My middle school boys can stay up until 9:30. Do my younger kids always get to bed by 8? Not always. We have church on Wednesday nights that doesn’t even let out until 8, but almost every other night, they are in bed on time – like it or not.


  • Have a routine. Kids always seem to do best when there’s a routine. Our nightly routine is homework, dinner, family time, baths/showers, tooth brushing, family devotions, and then bed (for the littles). By doing the same thing every night, they know what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Cut off electronics at least one hour before bedtime. GASP! I know! No electronics?! You won’t believe the difference in how fast your children fall asleep if they haven’t been playing electronics up until bedtime.
  • Bedding Matters. Sometimes, a good pillow can make all the difference, and so can proper bedding. Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to get everything your little one will need for a good night sleep: blankets, bedding, curtains, and more. is a great place to buy a great pillow for your little one as well.


  • Keep the Room Dark. I know, kids tend to be afraid of the dark. And, sometimes, it can be hard to get them to sleep in a dark room. You may need a small nightlight in their room. Just make sure it’s as far away from where they sleep as possible, and that it’s not very bright. The darker you can keep your child’s room. Also consider purchasing blackout curtains to help on those nights when the sun goes down later.

Those are some of the tips that have helped my kids get a better night sleep. What other tips would you recommend?