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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night

One of our favorite things to do in the summer, is to have outdoor movie nights. It is the perfect way to enjoy a new release or an old favorite with our family and friends. They are also a great way to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions. Let’s look at what you need to host movies under the stars in your own yard.


You can find projectors in a variety of price ranges. Right now, Walmart has some big clearance sales on projectors and some are under $50. We love our Epson projector, and they also have a large selection of them on sale as well. Once you have a projector you just need to connect it to your DVD/Blu-Ray Player or Laptop to project your movie.


You can buy an inflatable movie screen like the Airblown Inflatable Deluxe Widescreen Movie Screen available at Target. This 12-foot-high screen self inflates with its built-in fan in seconds. When not in use, it stores in handy storage bag.

If you are looking for a DIY way to make a screen, you can use a white sheet or canvas on a PVC pipe frame made with PVC plumbing pipe you can buy at the Home Depot.


Popcorn and movies go hand in hand. If you want to hold a lot of movie nights, you may want to get a popcorn maker like the Nostalgia Electrics Hollywood Kettle Popcorn Maker from Bed Bath & Beyond. This Hollywood Marquee popcorn popper features classic art deco styling and a unique, light-up marquee. You can use the included vinyl letters to put your name or message in lights.

To add a truly authentic feel, pick up their Cinema Style Popcorn Tubs. These tubs are constructed of durable plastic materials that can be washed and used over and over.

Seating & More

For seating, there are a variety of options, you can sit on blankets, beach or lawn chairs. Have a cooler filled with soft drinks, seltzer or bottled water. I like to pick up some movie theater style box candy to have on hand as well. Now, start the movie and get ready to make some lifelong memories.