Tips for Planning a Family Summer Vacation

Trying to plan that summer dream vacation without breaking the bank? We all know that planning a vacation can be very stressful and costly. Check out these tips we have for you so you can enjoy a memorable family summer vacation and stay within your budget.

Set a Budget

Have you been saving money for your vacation? If not, starting doing this now. Set an overall spending limit on what your family can afford. Get the kids involved in saving for your family vacation too. They can earn money throughout the year to purchase their own souvenirs!

Research Your Destination

Take the time to research your travel destination and make an itinerary. Having a plan when you arrive will help you stay on your budget. Be on the lookout for local discounts and coupons.

Compare Prices

Always compare prices whether you’re booking a flight, vacation package, car rental or hotel room. Going through third party sites such as TripAdvisor or Expedia isn’t always your best option when it comes to saving money. Always check with the individuals vendor sites to check prices or to see if they have any specific deals that you could take advantage of.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead not only will save you money it helps make your vacation more enjoyable. Make a vacation checklist. Checklists will help you not pack too much and remember the things we always forget! Pinterest is a great resource to find vacation planning checklists. Plan on leaving at night your children may sleep for a good part of your travel time. Travel games for kids will help keep them occupied.water-165219_960_720

Check for Inclusions

Since you are traveling with a family one great way to save money is to stay in a hotel that offers free breakfast. Book a room with a refrigerator; this will help you save money on snacks, drinks and meals. While planning your itinerary plan for free activities as well. Does the hotel have a pool? Take advantage of it, you know the kids will love it too!

Plan for Setbacks

Have a plan in place for little setbacks. Kids will get tired and cranky so try not to overdo it. Rain days are also another setback to think about. Having a plan will save on stress and confusion for the entire family.

Most importantly enjoy your family summer vacation and make some awesome memories! Don’t forget the camera!

What tips do you have on planning your family’s summer vacation? We would love to hear them.