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Tips for Planting a Fall Garden

One of the most enjoyable things about spring and summertime is being able to enjoy beautiful blooms. Many homeowners find joy in landscaping their property and adding an assortment of lovely color to their homes through various flowers and plants. There are varieties of plants and flowers that bloom in springtime and summer, and then don’t have much to show for once fall rolls around. If you play your cards right and plan accordingly, you can have color that starts to appear in the springtime and continues through the fall.

Start seeds early for full plants in late summer and fall. You don’t have to have a super green thumb to be able to start your own plants from seeds. Look for seed packs at Lowes that have bloom times of summer through fall. Popular flower choices are blanket flower, zinnias, sunflowers, and mums. These pretty flowers will give you a gorgeous show of color through the fall if properly cared for. Make a makeshift greenhouse to store your seed pods. A storage shed would make the perfect spot to start your seedlings in the early summer. Just make sure the shed has windows and receives plenty of natural light, and don’t forget to water regularly. Lowes has a great deal on storage sheds right now.

Early fall is the perfect time to plant lettuce. If you enjoy creating beautiful salads at home, a lettuce garden might be right up your alley. Different lettuces vary in color and can look quite beautiful if strategically planted and cared for. Start a raised bed somewhere where the lettuce won’t be subject to a sudden cold snap if ones happens to find its way to your neck of the woods. You can easily find the materials needed to create your own raised bed for planting fall veggies. Check Home Depot for items like timber, potting soil, etc. You can order what you need online, and then have it shipped to the store for free. Just head to the store to pick it up when the order comes in.

Make sure your lawn mower is in good shape. Forget raking leaves this fall. Keep your yard looking pristine by mowing over the leaves in your yard. Simply attach a grass catching bag to the mower to catch the mown leaves. You can then use the leaves in a separate area for composting, or you can turn it in with your mulch around flowers and plants, or add it to any type of fall veggie garden you might have planted. It’s always a good idea to re-mulch any mulched areas around your home during the fall season, as previous mulch has likely broken down at this point. If you need a new lawn mower, be sure to shop Tractor Supply, where you can save 10% on your entire order.

Don’t forget about your potted plants. If you have potted plants that are sensitive to changing temperatures, don’t forget to bring them inside. You might even be able to get away with moving them to an indoor porch or sun room. As long as they don’t get too cold and receive enough light and water, they should be just fine. Otherwise, move to a well-lit area indoors and continue to care for them until it’s warm enough for them to be moved back outside in the spring.

Fall gardens can be so enjoyable. Do you plan on plating a fall garden this year?