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Tips for Prepping for an Adult Halloween Party

halloween-partyPrepping for an adult Halloween party is much different from preparing for a kid’s party. Depending on how scary you really want your party, to be there are different themes you can incorporate into your Halloween party. Here are some tips for prepping for an adult Halloween party.

#1. Pick your theme.

Some of the themes ideas are haunted house, Victorian ball, Autumn festival, vampire theme, or ghost theme. Any of these themes are sure to be a blast this Halloween. You can make your invitations around the theme and ask your friends to dress according to the theme if they wish.

#2. Shop for items to support your party theme.

Whatever theme you decide on, look for items that support your theme. You should have an image in your mind of what the party will look like. Then you can look for your items, a little at a time, to be sure you get everything you need. You may need to make some of the items, if the item is too expensive or too hard to find. Esty offers a ton of different and unique items for decor.


#3. Plan the games and entertainment for your party.

Plan the games, song for dancing to, any other entertainment for your party that fits the theme and is fun for your friends. You can incorporate traditional games, as well. Entertaining friends in character of a specific era or theme can be challenging but great fun, also.

#4. Prepare the food and drinks for your Halloween party.

Prepping the food for the best Halloween party is also centered around a plan. If you choose a time era, like Victorian, look up different recipes they would eat in that time. Copy the recipes to the best of your ability. If you have to modify it is ok.


#4. Clean your house and decorate on the day of your party.

On the day of the party clean your place and decorate. Have fun getting everything ready and don’t stress the small stuff. Improvise if you can’t find exactly what you wanted and no one will even guess you didn’t plan it that way.

#5. Dress in your costume and play the part.

Dress up in your costume and play the part. Get into the character and act out the part. This will help make you party a fun and memorable event for all. Still looking for a costume? Spirit Halloween is your go to place!

Prepping for an awesome Halloween party is about planning ahead of time. Pick your theme and support that theme with food, drinks, decorations, games, music, and costumes that go along with the theme. Remember you are free to choose whatever theme you want and most importantly, have fun!