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Tips For Saving Money This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re worried about overspending the way you did last year. You obviously want a fun-filled Halloween with all the fancy costumes for yourself and the kids, decorations around the house and candies for trick-or-treat. All that’s great, but you would really want to watch your budget lest you have a tendency to not do so. We bring to you some ways of saving money on costumes and decorations so you can have a fantastic Halloween without having to worry about your bank!

Halloween money saving tips

Saving on Costumes

To start off with, let’s talk about some ways you can cut down on costume shopping. If you’re worried you might end up looking the same way you did last year or the year before that, here are some creative ways of using your old stuff and still looking new!

Be your own Fashion Designer: You might want to take a look at the costumes you already have and try to mix and match parts of different costumes. You could also pick up old clothes, modify and make new costumes.

Saving on Kids Costumes: This is one part that worries all you parents out there. The costume you bought for your baby last year won’t fit him or her this year. You could unleash the creative genius in you to make a costume by yourself. If you’re not the creative types, you could try swapping costumes with neighbors or cousins of the same age.

Saving on Decorations and Candy

The next thing you’re most likely to worry about is the party and the way your house would look on Halloween. Let’s look at some ways of making fun yet economical Halloween decorations:

Pumpkins: Let’s start with the heart and soul of all Halloween decorations. There are many pumpkins out there in the market and they cost a huge amount of money per pound. A secret to getting good pumpkins is to buy them just one day before Halloween. You might not get the best pumpkin in town but they are almost half the regular price! Also, if you have a lot of space in your garden, you could grow pumpkins at home.

Decorations: You could try to collect some not-so-expensive crafts all-round the year for cheap Halloween decorations. Best thing is to find discount stores or shop for stuff online to save up rather than walk into huge specialty stores. Use items from daily use to decorate the party rather than buy items every year.

Candy: To save a huge deal on candy, you should simply walk into a discount store and buy candy in bulk. Candy won’t go bad for a long time and you’ll always need more during Halloween. Also, buy the candies on the day of Halloween as most stores offer good discounts.

These are not all. When it comes to Halloween party you could throw a party at your place and make it a potluck that will help you cut costs on the food. That way you don’t even have to limit your guest list. For the kids, you could get them to play games instead of taking them out to expensive Halloween theme parties.There are multiple ways of having fun on Halloween without having to worry about money. Remember that Halloween is meant to be spent with friends and the only thing you need to worry about is fun!