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Tips ForSaving Money On Halloween Costumes

If you’re a stay-at-home parent then you might have more time at hand to work on creative and attractive Halloween costumes 2013 for your little ones. However, if you’re the busy parents who hardly spend weekends at home, then the one worry you probably have right now is how to get a great costume for the kids. You might really want to make costumes for the kids yourself using all the creative ideas you ever had. But there just isn’t that much time in a day, isn’t it? There’s only so much one can do in 24 hours.


To top it all, Halloween costumes for kids aren’t getting any cheaper. Year after year, there are just so many designs and patterns to choose from and the fancier costume you want, the more expensive it gets. You obviously want to pick the best-looking costume, but your budget won’t allow you to do so. Don’t be sad or guilty. Here we provide you with some tips that will help you save on costumes for Halloween.

• Halloween Costume Deals Online: Given that there are loads of online stores from which you can shop for a Halloween costume, in this season a lot of stores online provide great discounts. There are many websites online where you can get coupon deals that give you a huge discount on Halloween costumes. Sometimes, you might end up getting a steal on some clearance stock.

• Share or Trade a Costume: Sometimes there might be kids of the same age in the neighborhood who might be willing to pool in and buy costumes for the children. That way, different parties need not demand different clothes every single time. You might share and trade costumes to ensure your kids look great each time.

• Modify an Old Costume: There might be some old costumes that could be modified by adding some extra accessory like a new wig, a wand or maybe a tiara. You could even think of adding something extra to the costume itself like a dash of a new color.

• Shop at a Frugal Store: You could give the dollar store a shot. Sometimes, you might get lucky and end up finding something good for a really low price. Some of the accessories like a wand, a sword can be found at a really low price in these stores.

• Buy Used Costumes: People tend to sell of some of their old costumes which they outgrew or couldn’t use anymore on eBay or Craigslist. This is especially true for children because most of the times the costumes they wore one year will not fit them the next year. So, if you look at the right places you might find a great costume at a price much lower than if you bought the same thing new.

Its best if you start planning what to get your kid to wear well in advance instead of worrying about it last minute. If you plan well in time and go over all your options, you’re sure to find something great, and get big savings on Halloween shopping.