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Secrets to Making Beautiful Summertime Desserts

Finally, we are entering the season of fresh fruits, vegetables, and family get-togethers. To me, that sounds like desserts. Strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, blueberry tarts with fresh blueberries, and Lord only knows what other creations people have come up with to celebrate the literal fruits of summertime.

It’s not just fruit and vegetables at the dessert table, though! Fresh cream, fresh eggs, and delicious pastries made with fresh butter also deserve a feature. Using these precious and truly seasonal ingredients requires some special attention and occasionally some tools.

Lemon Berry Crunch Cake by Milkbar

In my opinion, you’re not properly celebrating the spring and summer seasons without taking full advantage of whipped cream. Whether it’s a drizzle or a dollop, there’s nothing quite like topping off or filling a dessert with fresh whipped cream, thick cream sauces, and sweet, fresh cheeses like cream cheese and marscapone.

An opera cake is a classic and beautiful dessert, especially when you want to wow a group of guests. Its precise lines and right angles make it seem machine-made, but it’s not! The secret to this Lemon Berry Crunch Cake from baking mastermind Christina Tosi is acetate cake collars. Anything soft, squishy, or oozy in between cake layers will be contained by one of these thin, transparent pieces of plastic.

These little sheets can make the difference between an amateur and expert cake maker. Cleaning up the outside is a piece of cake when all you have to do is peel back a strip of clear plastic. Buy a roll or a box of plastic acetate collars from BakeDeco and get free shipping with a current promotion.

The secret to tiramisu is twofold, and it depends on how you’re building your dessert. The first secret is, well, acetate cake collars again. They can be used to keep your free-form tiramisu in a rigid rectangular shape.

The second secret to making an incredible tiramisu is the cookies and the coffee. After all, this is an Italian dessert! Few cultures value the craftsmanship of baked goods and coffee more than the Italians. Use an importer like Eataly to get direct access to the real deal ingredients that will elevate your dish. Novara cookies are excellent when used as ladyfingers in tiramisu, and Bialetti is a classic choice when brewing up some espresso to dunk the cookies in before layering.

These are both affordable purchases already, as Eataly offers incredible prices on imported Italian foods. If you want to save a little bit more on this score, add an Eataly coupon and maximize your savings!

Lastly, what would a summer dessert post be without ice cream?! It’s easier than ever to make your own homemade ice cream these days. Ice cream churning machines are available at some drugstores, and are incredibly affordable. After that, it’s up to you to collect the best quality milk, cream, and eggs to accompany the flavors you’ve chosen for your ice cream.

The ice cream above is Blueberry Swirl Ice cream from Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in Brooklyn, NY. Their recipe includes the regular eggs and cream that standard recipes include, but also adds in some sour cream for extra richness and tangy flavor.

The best part about ice cream (well, maybe not the best part) is its versatility. Don’t believe me? Ice cream cones, ice cream cake, ice cream float, banana split, ice cream sandwiches… Shall I continue or do you believe me? Restaurant supply stores like Golda’s Kitchen will have everything you need to turn your ice cream fanaticism into a full-blown obsession. Once you’ve filled up your cart with sandwich presses, ice cream scoops and sprinkles, use a Golda’s Kitchen coupon and take up to 25% off of your entire order! We’re always happy to help you fall more deeply in love with ice cream.

What are your favorite summertime desserts? Are you a fruit fan, or do you love the creamy side of summertime?