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Tips to cut down your garden expenses

Spring season is here and you are feeling to run to your garden with your gardening tools and spoil your hands in the sweet smelling mud. Are you going giddy by just by the sight of the colors which soon will adore your garden. Don’t let the tight budget hamper the nature lover inside you. Instead look for ways that can help you carry on your gardening with reduced expenses. Read on to know how easy it is to do gardening on a budget:

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1. Grow plants from seeds: You may feel that it takes a lot of time and patience to wait for a plant to grow from seed, but such plants are much stronger than planted saplings which are much expensive. Marigolds and zinnias are two plants that grow very well from seeds.

2. Self-seeding plants: Being a gardener, you don’t need anyone to tell you what self-seeding plants. Such plants go a long way in reducing your garden expenses year after year. California poppy and tuber rose are just a few examples of self-seeding plants that you can try.

3. Small fruit plants: Any expense made on small fruit plants like berries is an investment as these plants start producing a considerable amount of fruit within a year or two. You thus have the opportunity to George on home grown fruits as well as reduce your food bills.

4. Save water: You can’t expect your garden to flourish without proper watering. To save yourself the agony of inflated water bills, you can go for plants that need very small quantity of water. Lavender is the first choice for people who look to save water on gardening.

5. Smaller the pot better it is: Deeper and fancy pots are sure to lure you away but when you are on a budget you should go for pots that are no more than 2 inch deep. Even though the plant will take longer to grow, you will appreciate the savings it helped you to make.

6. Borrow clipping of plants: Several plants can be reproduced by clippings. Look for such plants in your neighborhood or friends’ gardens and borrow small clippings from them. It is very easy to grow root vegetables like sweet potatoes through this method.

7. Look for seedpods: Seedpods are the easiest way to set up your garden if you are on a budget. Look for small seedpods in your locality or the local park. Avocado and Plumeria are best suited for seedpods.

8. for native plants: There is no doubt to the fact that native plants require much less care than other plants which may or may not be exotic. You will be surprised to know the price difference in the seeds of native and exotic plants. Even the seeds of herbs cost more than such native plants.

9. Bulk purchases: As with everything, the bigger the quantity you take, the higher is the discount. You can get in touch with some friends who are also looking to redo their garden and take the advantage of bulk buying.

10. Enroll for free voluntary landscaping classes: The local government runs these classes that provide people knowledge about effective gardening. And as you know, learning is never bad.

With simple tips and a little hard work, you can surely enjoy the evening tea in your garden and that too without hurting your pocket.