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Tips To Ensure That Your Return Does Not Get Rejected

Even if you have hired a profession to file your return, it is your responsibility to cross-check the form as only you are responsible for any error in filing. A rejected return is not counted as return filed and you may have to pay fines too. Even if you are filing an e-return, it is advisable to keep a hard copy of all the documents for future reference. Also check for the following points before you submit your return:


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1. Cross check the social security number entered: According to a number of surveys, entering incorrect social security number is the reason behind rejection of 80% of rejected returns. Women tend to change their names after marriage or even after divorce, so they need to be extra careful as social security number also changes with name.

2. Duly signed: Signing the return is extremely important. Double check if you have signed all the pages. If you and your spouse are filing a joint return, both of you must sign it. In case your spouse has deceased during the year, you should sign the return as the “Surviving Partner”.

3. Signed by the preparer: If you have hired a tax professional to file return on your behalf, your tax forms needs to be signed by him also. It is compulsory for the tax professionals to fill their Preparer Tax Identification number in every return filed by them. This is a unique identification number issued to every tax preparer by the IRS.

4. Ensure that all forms are attached: IRS is very strict regarding the forms attached with the return. Make sure that you have attached Copy B or all forms including W-2, W-2G and 1099-R if you don’t want IRS to return your form.

5. Send at the correct address: You should check the IRS website to check the zonal office for your state. If you send your return form to some other location, it may get returned.

6. Issue check in favor of “United States Treasury Service”: All your dues are to paid by a check in favor of “United States Treasury Service” and not Internal Revenue Service. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make while filing return themselves. Also write your social security number on the back of the check to avoid hassles.

7. Keep a copy of your return: Make a copy of the entire return and save it for your records purpose. This will help you in case you are sending your return by post and it gets misplaced.

8. Adequate postage: Get your return envelope weighed so that you can find out the adequate stamp that you need to put on it before you send it to IRS.

Nothing can be as taxing as getting the return form returned. So be very cautious while filing the forms. Don’t hesitate to contact IRS in case you get stuck somewhere. Taking help from professional tax preparers is also advised to those who are bad at documentation.