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Tips to Help Dry Skin in Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. The wind and cold can leave your skin and lips chapped, dry, cracked, and make you feel miserable! Here are a few ways to help dry skin in winter and leaving you feeling much better.


  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! – After showers and whenever you wash your hands, follow up with a moisturizing lotion. Oils are the best for adding moisture to the skin because they keep the moisture in longer. So, for the best moisturizing routine, after your shower, apply a body oil. Once it has soaked in, apply a body lotion. Then, as you wash your hands throughout the day, always apply lotion afterward to keep your hands moisturized and feeling soft. Check out these promo codes for Sephora and you can save up to 50% off your order.


  • Avoid Hot Water – I know, I know! It’s cold outside. And nothing feels better than a hot shower on a cold winter day. But, hot water actually robs your skin of moisture and causes dry skin, so it’s better if you use lukewarm water in the shower. If that just isn’t possible, keep your hot showers short and only shower once per day. (Oh! And it should be a given, but just in case: avoid hot tubs too!)
  • Invest in a Humidifier – The winter can dry out the air, and that in turn causes dry skin. One of the best ways to combat this and to help dry skin in winter is to invest in a humidifier for your home. A humidifier releases moisture back into the air and keeps your skin from drying out.


  • Protect Your Lips! – Lips can become chapped, crack, and bleed in the winter because they retain less moisture than other parts of the body. Licking them doesn’t help, but instead causes them to dry out even worse. Regularly applying a simple lip balm will make a world of difference in how your lips look and feel. And if you wear lipstick, apply the lip balm first and then apply your lipstick on top.
  • Consider Fish Oil Pills – Sometimes our bodies need help with dry skin from the inside out. Recent studies have shown Fish Oil pills can help soothe super dry skin. Check out these GNC promo codes where you can find select GNC multivitamins on sale for just $9.99 and start treating your skin from the inside.

I hope these five simple tips help your dry winter skin feel better quickly.