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Tips to Know Before You Go to the Magic Kingdom

Thousands of families will head to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this summer and will have no idea what to expect other than what they’ve seen on television. Disney World is indeed a magical place, and a fun place for families to visit, but the park is big and can be quite overwhelming if you walk into it completely blind. Check out a few insider tips on what you should know before you go.
Purchase tickets online. The best way to avoid lines and get into the park as quickly as possible is to buy your tickets before you physically visit the park. Purchasing multi-day passes will bring your overall ticket cost down. You can also purchase Park Hopper passes, which will grant you same day access to all four Disney World parks.
Download the Disney App. Once your tickets are purchased, go ahead and download the Disney App. It’s free on Google Play. This app will allow you to link your tickets and make use of the FastPass program. Choose up to 3 FastPasses a day, and select rides you want to ‘skip the line’ on. You can change your FastPass reservations the day of your visit, as many times as you need to. The App also gives you access to wait times on the rides, a map of the park, access to restaurants, and more. Make your dining reservations right through the app!

Pack your own lunch and snacks. Disney World allows guests to bring their own food into the park, Just check their rules and regulations for info on what you can’t bring into the park. Use an insulated lunch bag with a frozen ice block to keep food and drinks cold. You won’t be able to bring a full-size cooler into the park, so pick and choose foods that will pack well in a smaller bag. Sandwich wraps, string cheese, frozen yogurt tubes, and juice pouches are great choices. If you need a great insulating bag, check out There are great options on sizes, colors, and licensed products. Packing your own lunch will save you money, and then you can splurge and take the family out to eat at one of the amazing Disney restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.
Bring your own water. Along with bringing your own food into the park, you can bring reusable water bottles. Nalgene water bottles hold up to 32 oz and are available in fun designs. They also have kids water bottles. Grab a Nalgene bottle at 50% off! You can refill the water bottles at the water fountains in the park. They’re located all over the park. You can also request free tap water from restaurants and kiosks in the park. Purchasing bottled water at the park will run at least $3.00 per bottle.

Dress comfortably. Wear sneakers and lightweight, breathable clothing that dries quickly. There are lots of rides that you may get wet on in the park, and wearing denim won’t be comfortable. If your sneakers are old or worn out, invest in a new pair before your trip. Nike has great styles that are light on your feet, fast drying, and super supportive. Get new shoes for the whole family: Save $20.00 off a $100.00 purchase at the Nike Store & get free shipping!

The MagicBands are a thing, and they’re worth the money. You may see posts on social media of families with their personalized Disney MagicBands. These electronic bands sync with your park ticket, FastPasses, and more! Buy one per person and they can be used on each visit to the park, lasting for six years! There are tons of Disney shops that carry MagicBand accessories, so be sure to check those out!

Plan to ride Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride at 9 pm. The Magic Kingdom fireworks show starts at Cinderella’s castle at 9 pm. If you’re on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride, you can go way up high and fly in the sky during the fireworks show and have a magical view.
Stick around the park after the fireworks end. Just about everyone will be trying to leave the Magic Kingdom after the fireworks end. The shops stay open until the park closes (11 pm), so plan to shop while others filter out of the park to avoid crowds on the Monorail or the Ferry. If you need to head out, the ferry is the fastest way out of the park and back to the trams, which will transport you back to your parking lot.
The Magic Kingdom is absolutely fantastic, and if you can swing it, it’s definitely worth taking the family there.