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Tips to Prevent Dry Skin from Summer to Fall

Once the seasons start to change, skin can really take a turn. Especially from hot, balmy summer to dry, crisp autumn. When skin gets dry, it can damage the surface, giving off a crusty or flat look. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable to touch, and to be touched. Luckily, the world of skincare has some hydrating wonders that will help retain your skin’s moisture as summertime ends.

If you wear makeup every day, dry skin might be all too familiar. Using makeup removers and harsh cleansers can remove much needed moisture from your skin. Additionally, some makeup products like primers and powders are designed to remove oil from your face and may become excessively dry.

Dry skin and makeup are true enemies. Makeup can gather and collect over patches of dry skin making your face look scaly or flakey. The best way to start protecting yourself against dryness is to use a series of moisturizers before starting your makeup process, after washing your face. Be sure to check your facial cleanser for drying ingredients! They can hide in all kinds of skincare products. If you’re worried about it, switch to a cleaning oil instead of a cream cleanser or gel cleanser for a while.

After cleansing, a good rule of thumb is to start your moisturizing process with the product that has the thinnest texture. That usually means mists, sprays, and toners are the first ones to touch your clean skin. Toners are a good way to double-check that your skin is clean, as well as adding some extra nutrition to the skin.

This toner from Ahava is literally the consistency of water, and will remove any remaining product buildup or makeup left on your face. Just put a bit in a cotton ball and swipe across your face. It’ll be refreshing, maybe even cooling, and will make your skin feel alive and ready for the next step. Right now, we have a promotion for BOGO at Ahava! Now is the perfect time to stock up on hydrating skincare products for the oncoming winter.

Tatcha is one of the most popular brands in the world of beauty & skincare, and it’s heralded by beauty gurus and makeup professionals like. Their line includes all sorts of skincare products, but I suggest looking into their vitamin-rich serums.

Their bestselling facial serum is simply called “The Essence.” It’s job is to soothe your skin after cleansing, soften the skin, and restore the pH balance. This ultimately helps your skin absorb the incoming skincare products. While the price tag might give you some sticker shock, rest easy because you can get a discount and free samples by using a Tatcha promotion! Plus, you can consider it a home decor expense thanks to the beautiful packaging. Having this on your vanity will definitely make things a little more luxurious!

At this stage, you can add any other serums or treatments to your skin as you see fit. There’s only one final step, and that’s the moisturizer.

Everything up  to this point has technically been “moisturizing,” but this last product is the one that will see you through the rest of your day. This BeautyCounter moisturizer is very highly rated and boasts a ton of hydration-boosting ingredients like aloe and coconut oil. It might not seem like much, but a little goes a long way. Maximize the value by using a BeautyCounter coupon from our database.

Capping off your skincare routing with this lightweight-yet-heavyweight cream will lock in your skin’s moisture until the evening when you repeat this whole process. (Use a night cream at night!)

Other than buying high-powered skincare products for your face, the best way to ensure that your skin doesn’t get dry is to keep drinking water! Genetics and environment will play a small part in your skincare, as well, but drinking water will ensure that your body will need a really good excuse to give you dry skin. If you can, also try to watch your sodium and sugar intake as those can suck the water out of you, too.

Face fall and winter face-first with your new hydrated skin! If you have a great skincare tip for moisturizing your skin in the dry seasons, leave them in the comments!