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Tips To Save Money On Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is the most taxing job. No doubts it is exciting and fun but at the same time it is also stressful. There are tens of decisions to be made keeping the budget in mind. Right from the choice of venue, menu, clothes, accessories and decoration all require serious efforts. As marriage marks the beginning of a new life, we can’t afford to go light on the budget. But this is the only thing that is real difficult for all to adhere to. To help you fight this situation we get you some tip to save money on your wedding festivities.


1. Limit the invitees: The best approach to save money is to limit the invites. Invite only the close friends and relatives. Also, it will give you an opportunity to spend time with all. Go light on colleagues. For them arrange a get together at some affordable restaurant or call them home for a dinner after the wedding.

2. Save on flowers:Avoid expensive and imported variety of flowers. Rather go for seasonal flowers for venue floral decorations and bridesmaids bouquet. Use that money to get the most beautiful exotic bridal bouquet.

3. Save on apparels: Considerable amount of wedding budget is spent on buying the wedding clothes. Of this a significant part is spent on wedding gown. Avoid going for expensive dresses and prefer the affordable ones. For the wedding gown, look for the best yet affordable option. There are many online stores that get you lucrative deals on wedding gowns.

4. Save on table decoration:For almost a decade flowers are used as the table decoration for marriages. But flowers are an expensive option. Instead try for the floating candles. Pick inexpensive glassware and fill it with water and let the candles float.

5. Save on menu: Do not go in for expensive cakes or wines. Carefully plan the menu after discussing with the caterers. Avoid expensive and decorative cakes. Rather go for cupcakes, candy bar or other desserts which fit well in your budget.This is sure to be exciting for the guests.

6. Pick wedding favors carefully: Normally favors take away considerable part of your budget. It is bets to decide on he favors very carefully. One option that never goes out of fashion is giving chocolates. You can also try candles, diaries or plants, food and fruit baskets.

7. Find the venue closer to home: You will be amazed to know that some of the most talked about weddings happen in the family garden or homes. If you have a garden, decorate it with temporary patios, candles and seasonal flowers. This also helps you save on the venue rent.
These tips are sure to help you organize the best and memorable wedding without having to compromise with your budget.

There are ways and means to save in a wedding function. Take these tips and carefully plan the wedding and you will notice that you have saved considerable amount.

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