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Tired of Pumpkins?

If you’re tired of every house on your block looking exactly the same, but you still love to decorate for fall, you can do it without pumpkins and gourds. You’ll feel like a bit of a non-conformist but your neighbors will envy your creativity! Here are some fast and fun ideas that will get you through the fall season without have to look at orange globes for the next few months.

Fall flowers other than Mums

They do exist! Asters are beautiful and invoke summer tones likes blues, pinks and purples. Pictured below, they resemble daisies. The toad lily is just gorgeous. It looks totally exotic and expensive. White flowers boast deep purple spots that give more dimension than your typical white lily. Goldenrods are a bit more common in fall because of their bright yellow colors and tendency to grow tall. They will add a burst of color to your garden. Same goes for Russian sage. They are abundant and the most vibrant purple.

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We completely love clusters of lanterns for any season. You can easily decorate the inside if you’re not using them for candles. Get faux leaves and branches (or real ones) at your local craft store, or fill with white mini pumpkins for a sophisticated fall look. Closer to Halloween, spider webs look great on lanterns. They can add an eerie feeling while lighting your porch or walkway if you do want to light candles.

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We adore burlap for pretty much every occasion. Create a DIY burlap wreath (or just buy one). Have chairs on your porch? Do a chair bow in burlap and stick a bundle of branches in the bow. Instead of a wreath, do a burlap runner on your door (and maybe top with a rustic wreath). If you’re willing to do haystacks, wrap your burlap around it and top it with your lanterns.

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Galvanized Metal Buckets

If you’re willing to do mums (or any flower), we love the look of galvanized metal buckets perched atop your haystacks. It’s a great planting alternative to traditional pots. Wheat and pine cones will also look festive and unexpected (also, wrap burlap around your bucket for an even more rustic look).

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