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Today’s Top Toys for Children

No matter which generation you belong to, there have always been the must-have favorites toys that children clamor for, and which parents fight for through the crowds. All have has their place in history: the Cabbage Patch doll (revisited now after its initial popularity in the 1980’s); Tickle Me Elmo fever of 2005; Bey Blades; Battling Tops; Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots; Furby (another old favorite now brought back to life); various varieties of virtual pets; My Little Pony; The Littlest Pet Shop or, as always, Lego’s.

There are new toys as well, which have proven their popularity and which are now the Tickle Me Elmo’s and Cabbage Patch Kids of this generation. Here are several examples of today’s top toys for children:

Fisher-Price “Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky.”

“Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Musical Pirate Ship Bucky.”

ToysRUs touts this as one of the top toys of the year. It is a great toy to stimulate imagination, promote creative play and enhance fine motor development for children from preschool through kindergarten age.

Lalaloopsy Dolls

lalaloopsy Dolls

As predicted by this grandma, Lalaloopsy has joined the ‘must-have’ list for girls over the age of 4 years. Style their hair, dress them and love them up. Could any little girl ask for more in a doll?



Sometimes it’s impossible to define why a toy becomes ‘hot.’ Furby is a little guy whose personality is defined by how your child treats it. It speaks Furbish and English and you can even virtually feed him! Superior to other virtual pets, when connected to your favorite App, your child has their own unique little friend.

Crayola Digital Light Designer

Crayola Digital Light Designer

Crayola never disappoints with their innovation, and the “Crayola Digital Light Designer” is simply awesome. Children aged 6 and up can draw their own digital designs on the dome using LED lights. The creativity never has to stop.

V-Tech Switch & Go Dinos

V-Tech Switch & Go Dinos

Kids and dinosaurs go together like Fred and Barney, or peanut butter and jam. This a toy, a vehicle and a teaching tool, with each of the new seven toys in the line easily transforming from dinosaur to vehicle and back again (remember “Transformers”?). Being V-Tech, though—the company you know and love from the tech/learning-toy aisle—each toy is also equipped with an LCD screen for customized animation, dinosaur and vehicle sound effects, and educational dinosaur facts.

Pillow Pets Dream Lights

Pillow Pets Dream Lights

Pillow Pets Dream Lights is a personal favorite upgrade of Pillow Pets. This pillow is a security pillow, soothing sleep aid and imaginative tool for kids. Children are lulled to sleep with the dancing lights and the comfort of their new favorite bedtime accessory.

Board Games

Board Games

Games such as “Life,” “Hungry Hungry Hippos,” “Candyland,” “Monopoly,” “Sorry” and other family favorites have taught children throughout generations about counting, taking turns, fair play and winning and/or losing.


Ravensburger Underwater Realm

Children have enjoyed jigsaw puzzles of all kinds throughout the years, but Ravensburger, the puzzle-masters, have now come up with puzzles that literally come to life through your iPhone or iPad. Augmented Reality Puzzles (geared toward those over the age of 10 years, and which retail for approximately $20) are beautiful renditions of favorite scenes, but now you can enjoy a virtual tour of Paris after constructing a puzzle featuring this beautiful city; children can hunt for their favorite fish after constructing an aquarium puzzle; you can go on a virtual safari after completing an African animal puzzle, all through the app included with each puzzle. These new puzzles were introduced at the 2012 Toy Fair.