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Top 10 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

The festive season is fast approaching and you are running out of ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree this year! If you’re bored of your last year’s decorations then fear not! We have some ideas for you that will make your house look merry and pretty without overstepping the budget.

Christmas tree

1. Let it be classic: A classic Christmas tree consists of silver and golden ornaments with bells and stars decorated all over the tree. Drape some plastic berries on the tree and create a classic seasonal look for your tree. To be different you an even try the real berries.

2. Shiny Baubles: Baubles add a classy touch to any tree and work on any theme whether it is contemporary or classic. Baubles in red, gold, white and silver give a traditional look whereas baubles in green and violet give a modern look.

3. DIY Ornaments: Some ornaments can be made easily with the help of paper, cardboard, markers, glitter and glue. You can cut out Christmas shapes like snow-flakes, fairies, Santa Claus, leaves and Christmas balls. This is one of the most efficient ways of having decorations as you will be able to recycle old stuff and turn it into brand new!

4. Flowers and nature: Another way of decorating your Christmas tree can be using the beauty of nature. You can arrange your tree with lots of flowers and ribbons to create a flowery look. Add some Christmas balls in red and golden color to give a classy look and your tree will bloom in this festive season. There are many flower stores that feature excusive flower collection on Christmas in reds and whites.

5. Natural look: Arrange some pinecones, leaves and small birds all over the tree and mix and match the branches from your backyard and the end result will look like a tree taken right from the outside and planted inside the house.

6. Color it up: Christmas is one day of the year when you can get all the colors to your house along with lots of joy and holiday spirit. Add Christmas balls of all the colors and decorate the tree with different colored ribbons and candy sticks.

7. Feel Patriotic: Bring your nationality to your Christmas tree. Take some ribbons and glass ornaments of colors matching your country flag and decorate the tree accordingly.

8. Sweet and candies: Tree full of treats! That’s what will make your tree the sweetest! Hang some cones around the trees and fill those with home-made chocolates or the ones bought from the shop. Drill two holes on the sides of the cone, add some icing on the top and the cones filled with chocolates are ready to be arranged on the trees!

9. Glitter and Sparkle: Let your tree shine with silver and gold dominating the décor! Add some ornaments and sparkly white ribbons along with stars and gold and silver colored leaves. The end result will be beautiful sparkling tree which will make anyone go wow!

10. Santa all the way: Kids will love this and so will you. So take some Father Christmas figurines and cardboard cut outs and hang them all over the tree. Some reindeers and gift boxes will also brighten the whole thing with the help of your kids.

Christmas is all about spreading joy and happiness. Decorating tree is something many people look forward to. So go ahead with your decorations with a smile on your face and have a merry Christmas!

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