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Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016 for Couples


You and your significant other need to settle on a costume that is right for both of you. But making that decision can be harder than you might expect.

There are hundreds of catalogs for couple costumes, but they can be confusing. Worse, your mind may go blank while trying to think of a Halloween costume because this is a topic that is rarely given enough consideration.

We have made things easier by pulling together five top Halloween costume ideas for couples in 2016. They are:

Suicide Squad Couples Costume

Every year, there has to be a single movie that grabs the attention of Halloween lovers. In 2016, that movie is Suicide Squad. The movie brought out some great costumes that caught the attention of many.

These Suicide Squad Couples Costumes can be purchased at retailers such as Target. The Joker and Harley Quinn couple’s costumes are fun for couples that want to make a great entrance to the Halloween party.

Ghostbusters Couples Costume

Ghostbusters belong to a paranormal extermination team that is responsible for investigating strange supernatural activities. As a ghostbuster, you should not be afraid of ghosts because you work is mainly to bust ghosts.

Whenever you are needed, you will be required to suit up in your Ghostbusters costume before you go out to perform your duties. The Ghostbusters uniform include a bag pack, romper, belt, and a hat with the ghostbusters logo.

The Ghostbusters movie was released in 1984, and it became iconic, especially around the Halloween period when various people were ‘fighting ghosts.’ While there are four characters to decide on, a couple can choose only two people before venturing into the unknown to save the world. The costume can be found at stores such as Walmart and Kohls.

Nerds Couples Costume

For this costume, you and your partner can become actual nerds by sticking together. This costume can be lifesaver to geeky couples who want to announce that they are nerds.

The Nerds Couples Costume breaks the norm from the typical cheerleader or witch costumes that are common place during Halloweens. It can be purchased at Party City, and the good thing is that it is a DIY costume that can be adjusted in various ways to suit the theme or the needs of the couple in question.


King and Queen of Cards Costume

The costume is 100% Polyester with a gold plastic crown and printed with the King and Queen of hearts.

The costume will enable both you and your spouse to dress like royalties of the century.

The costume can be found at stores such as Walmart and Target, and is a great couples costume for a haunted gathering. When you wear this piece, you will resemble the greatest royal family.


Zelda Couples Costume

The costume was inspired by The Legend of Zelda and it includes costumes for adult princess Zelda and Link.

The Princess Zelda costume includes an apron, a gold shoulder piece, a purple princess dress, and a princess tiara. On the other hand, Link’s costume includes a green hat, a long-sleeved tunic that has a belt attached, and brown boot covers.

When you wear this costumes, you will be ready to save the day.


People can get creative during Halloween, but when it comes to couples, the creativity should be double. You and your boo can try out some of these Halloween ideas because it takes two to pull off these costumes in the easiest way.