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Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016 for Kids


Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to inspire our children with an assortment of costumes.

Identifying kids costume can be strenuous, especially during the last minutes when costume shops are filled with numerous buyers.

Children have an opinion about what they want to wear. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, there are going to be more capes than crowns: because superhero costumes have become kids’ favorite in 2016.

According to the results, which asked 6,791 consumers about their Halloween plans, 3 million kids across the United States are planning to resemble their favorite superhero, during Halloween.

Here are the top five Halloween costume ideas for kids in 2016:

Armored Batman Child Costume

The costume includes a padded jumpsuit, character mask, belt, 3D boot tops, 3D gauntlets, and a cape.

The costume is available at stores such as Walmart and Toys r Us.  The Armored Batman Child Costume is 100% Polyester, but customers need to note that the Costume sizes may vary. The best advice is to go through the size chart to pick the best size for your child. If you are unsatisfied, look for other Dawn of Justice costumes. They include Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman.


Calico Cat Kigarumi Funsie Costume

This costume will provide your child with some feline fun. It includes a fleece onesie with a detachable kitty tail, heart zipper pull, and ear hood.

Just like the Calico cut, it has black and white spots and provides its wearer with two pointy ears on top of the hood. As a way of spicing things up, you can use some face make-up to add whiskers to make your costume complete.

The costume can be found at stores such as Walmart and Kmart and its extra warm fleece makes it more like a cat pajamas. It looks adorable, and your child will have fun wearing something with cute calico patterns and furry ear detail.


Kylo Ren Child Costume

This costume can be found at retailers such as JCPenny and Macy’s and includes a lengthy robe with a hooded cape. The costume is also accompanied with a character mask, glove, and a belt. The gown features a high collar, ribbed sleeves, front center pleat, and a self-stick fabric opening at the back.

It can come in various sizes. If you are keen, you will notice that the helmet has a fake damage that is supposedly from a battle. The damage symbolizes a crucial moment in the movie.

Shopkins Strawberry Kiss Child Costume

The costume can be found at Walmart and Kmart and comes in a red dress (featuring a skirt with a mesh polka dot overlay) with headband and character print. The iconic character is featured in the center of the dress, which is made out of Polyester and nylon

With the Shopkins Strawberry Costume, your little one will be the star of the party. It simply stands out because of its coordinated colors and ribbons that make it look detailed. It is made out of light materials and is, therefore, light and allows its wearer to breathe with ease.

It is a stylish choice for theme parties and trick-or-treating.

Disney Princess Jasmine Child Costume

This costume can be found at Target and includes a jumpsuit (blue/green) along with a character cameo.

While shopping for this costume, parents should watch out for the size. The costume is made from quality fabric and features strong detailed stitching. It is also easy to wear.


It looks like superheroes triumphed, but the point is to dress your child in the character of their choice; if you want to inspire their creative playtime. Beyond playing, let your kids use their imagination by getting them the right costume, whether it is Wonder Woman, Batman, or a Princess costume. After all, Trick or treating in any of these top Halloween costumes will be unforgettable.