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Top 5 Tech Toys For Grown-Ups

Apple’s iPad mini and iPhone just launched and have become obvious choice when thinking about the gifts for the tech-obsessed people. But there is a big possibility that by this time they already own them. All tech lovers make it a point that they get the best gadgets the minute they are available in the market. But there are few tech toys that are great but still not very popular with all.

Here is the list of the tech toys that are not very popular but will surely impress the people:

1. Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun: Next time you have to teleport between living room and kitchen, how about revising the laws of physics or just pull out the Miniature Replica Portal Gun, it is inspired from the popular game Portal 2. This collectible is as good as authentic piece. It makes the sound and light up in the same manner as the real gun. This tech toy is sure to make the computer gamers salivate with envy. You can own this at ThinkGeek for just $59.99. There are coupons to make this purchase economical.

Portal 2 Miniature Replica Portal Gun

2. Wii U: This table-styled GamePad controller for Nintendo is real cool. It even features a camera and allows video chats with other Wii user, motion controls, LCD screen, stylus and speakers.  You can even play karaoke-style games as there is an in-built microphone. You can find it at EB Games for $349.99. This is the best gift for Nintendo game lovers.

wii u


3. Pivothead: Is any of your friend or relative addicted to social media? Surprise them with Pivothead. This cool tech toy video recording eyewear is just amazing. It is flexible and very lightweight. The eye band sits flat against the face. The glasses have an in-built microphone and camera to help the person document their lives real-time. It is easy to share and upload the videos around the web. Check for latest deals. You can even find coupons to make the shopping economical.



4. Microsoft Surface: If the person is Microsoft and Windows lover nothing can beat the craze and fun of Microsoft Surface. It is a great touch-screen tablet and it runs on Windows 8. The tablet colorful and removable keyboard doubles as the protective cover.Buy the Surface from Microsoft website for a nominal price. You can even find coupons to make the buy affordable.

microsoft surface


5. Zikheadphones: Parrot’s wireless audio and telephonic Zik headphones are great. They even feature the Bluetooth pairing with multiple devices like Android and Apple. You can answer calls and enjoy music. The user-friendly touchpad allows easy song selection. It comes with outside noise cancellation feature that can be enjoyed in close proximity to people around you. You can buy them from GameStop for $399.99. They are truly a must-have accessory for music lovers.

zik headphones

These five tech toys will please the tech lovers without affecting your budget. You can look for coupons that allow free shipping to further save few dollars.