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Top 5 Tips for Buying a Healthier Turkey For your family

Thanksgiving celebration remains incomplete without a roasted turkey at the center of the dinner table. So some of you might be worried about your choice of Turkey as you have invited many important guests and want everything to be arranged perfectly so that your efforts will be appreciated by all. Well, the choices open to you are many and so you need to be very cautious while picking up the right one for the dinner party.

healthy turkey

Here is a list of five most important things that you must know while buying a turkey.

The different breeds

Basically you are going to be presented two options while buying a turkey i.e. the conventional ones and the nonconventional ones. The conventional ones grow in the open environment of the farms where they are permitted to roam around freely and feed on the natural grains. On the contrary, the nonconventional ones grow up in controlled environment where they are mainly bred on different kinds of antibiotics and other growing up hormones and are also not allowed to move around freely in the open air.

The conventional ones are far more superior in taste in comparison to the factory farmed ones. As the factory farmed ones are ready to be sold in the market within twelve weeks, thus they are being denied of the time that is required for developing completely. The meat of the conventional birds are much flavorsome as they have been given the time to move around and grow properly. Though this variety of birds is not as healthy as the nonconventional ones and their meat not very soft but if you buy one of these you are definitely going to enjoy all the authentic flavors of turkey.

What does ‘youth’ in the label mean?

In the supermarket you are going to come across many turkeys with a label stating ‘youth’. If you are of the opinion that these are the better ones, then you are wrong as youth means that this variety of bird was not more than eight months. However, a conventional turkey is ready to be sold in the market within five months. So always pick up the one which are not labeled as they are much better in quality and taste.

Watch the shape

Check the shape of the bird before buying it. It is always better to buy a turkey that has a shape of a bird rather than a sphere shaped one. In most cases it can be seen that turkey that looks like a bird has grown slowly in farm and they are much better in taste in comparison to ball shaped one.

Check whether it is basted or not

Basting is a process whereby the bids are artificially flavored with water that may contain spices, fats and different kinds of flavors. If the turkey is basted, then you are going to find the details of the flavor in the label so do check before buying it as the dish you have in mind might not be compatible with the flavors used for basting.

Frozen turkeys

If you have a tight budget, then you can also consider buying a frozen variety of the bird which is comparatively cheaper but have a superior taste owing to the fact that when these birds are frozen which results in rupturing of the cell wall and makes the meat much softer and as fresh and flavorsome as the conventional ones.

These are the five most important things that you must consider before buying a turkey for Thanksgiving. These facts will help you making a better choice and your guests are certainly going to enjoy the dinner.