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Top 5 Tips For Starting Your Stockpile

Stockpiling has become a buzzword in couponing circles. People show off pictures of their stockpile on internet forums, Facebook, and other social media sites. You’ve probably seen at least one picture of someone’s stockpile. But, just what IS a stockpile?

A stockpile is when you create your own ‘store’ in your pantry or another area large enough to hold copious amounts of food. People use shelving and have placed their beginner stockpiles in closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and basements. All you need is room to store a large amount of food and then food to ‘stock’.

It may seem overwhelming when you see the pictures of large stockpiles people post online. Remember – everyone had to start somewhere. You have the advantage of getting started with a bit of advice, advice that can help you not only start a stockpile, but save money in the process.

Sale items are awesome, but adding coupons to your sales strategy can net you even more product than sales alone. Combine coupons with BOGOs, deep discounts, and watch your stockpile grow! Only $20 each shopping trip can bring you well over $100 in product to add to your budding stockpile if you are a savvy shopper.

Getting Started:

Set aside a small portion of your regular grocery budget for stockpiling.
A simple, yet effective method to building one of these food stocks, is to set aside just $20 each shopping trip for buying items you will place in your stockpile. By following the tips below, you can make a small stockpile budget go a very long way.

Buy heavily at sales.
You have probably been disappointed when you went to buy a sale item and it was out of stock. This is because stockpilers buy most or all of sale items as fast as they can. When you find a sale going on at your local store, get there early and buy as many of the sale items that you can – up to the limit your grocer has placed on the item.

Use coupons on sale items.
You may not know this, but coupons can be used on products that are on sale. Sometimes there are restrictions placed by the grocer that you cannot use coupons – this is not common. You can stretch your stockpile budget quite far by this combination. You can always get the latest coupons & deals for most online stores at It’s a good choice for you to save big.

Combine coupons with your grocer’s ‘double coupon’ days.
Many grocery stores have days where the store will double or even triple the value of your coupons. Find out what days your local grocery stores offer double or triple coupon days and bring as many coupons with you as you can. Make sure the coupons are for items you use! Check sale items, you may be able to find an item on sale and combine the doubled (tripled) coupon value with that sale discount. Quite often you can end up with free product.

Scratch and dents.
Scour discontinued item racks, scratch and dent bins, and manager’s special shelves. You can find that your stockpile looks just like the ones you see pictured online or better in a short time.