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Top 5 Travel Spots for Escaping the Winter Weather

Brrr! Isn’t it cold enough outside? And to think, winter only officially started less than two weeks ago. We’re not even to the coldest part of the season yet! That’s it, I’m letting my wanderlust run wild. I’m going to look for warm-weather vacations to help me escape this winter weather!

Curse you, northern hemisphere! Maybe it’s nice for those parts of the world who get regular snow, but where I live, it’s just cold. No white Christmas here, just icy roads and frozen pipes. Internet, take me to a tropical place! These are the top five warm and lovely travel spots that I’m fantasizing about right now in my scarf and gloves with a runny nose.

5. St. Maarten

St. Maarten Carribean

St. Maarten is a country that is located on the southern part of an island in the Caribbean. It belongs to the kingdom of The Netherlands. It’s packed full of stunning views and rich culture. A promo code for Groupon Getaway could save you 65% on a vacation in St. Maarten, specifically this 4- or 7-night stay at the gorgeous Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort. Colonial architecture and vibrant colors are St. Maarten’s hallmark.

4. Hainan Island, China

Sanya City, Hainan Island, China

This is decidedly not a tourist destination, so if you seek a tropical respite away from crowds of people, Hainan Island is your spot. From ancient villages to Shaolin buddhist temples, there are tons of ways to soak up warmth and beauty on the island. It lies off the coast of southern China, and the secluded province truly feels like a secret getaway. Try Serenity Coast Resort in Sanya City for an affordable and unforgettable vacation.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Israel at Night

For a more metropolitan vacation, Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, and it’s as cosmopolitain as cities get. You’ll be surrounded by incredible food and walking around in sandals thanks to the comfortable weather and walkable streets. Coming from Europe? Use a coupon code for Vueling to get 25% off affordable flights to Tel Aviv from other European locations.

2. The Amazon Rainforest


What could be more tropical than our planet’s biggest rainforest? There’s no winter frost in the Amazon, and when you’re on an adventure of this proportion, you need some guidance. G Adventures guides people from all walks of life on exhilarating tours around the Amazon. Right now, you can use our G Adventures promotion to save 20% on Amazon tours for 2017! Start at various spots in the Amazon rainforest and float your way to Lima, Peru by way of an Amazon riverboat.

1. Kaua’i, Hawai’i, USA


You just can’t bean Hawai’i. It’s the pride and joy of the United States, and the only tropical island to the country’s name. In addition to unbelievable sights and views, the culture of these islands is rich and beautiful, and the pride of the Hawai’i natives is unparalleled. Stay on an organic family farm in a cottage to have a truly cozy, fantasy vacation you’ll never forget.

Where would you take yourself on a warm vacation? List you favorite tropical and toasty destinations in the comments!