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Top 6 Sites For Renting or Buying College Textbooks

Today’s generation has the best of both worlds, the online and the offline world. They have now more than one option for finding a good deal on textbooks. An option that would let the students cut cost and save money is worth considering.
Students nowadays are not relying completely on campus bookstores. These campus bookstores are quite expensive. They are targeting online sites that would offer them best value on textbook sales and rentals. Buying a textbook can often break a bank and after a year or a semester, we find the need to purchase again for another level of school year ahead of us.

Try to widen your options on how to get cheap and affordable textbooks for your education. There are a lot of sites that would help you minimize expenses on textbooks. Here are the top six sites to help you get started.
Chegg is one popular website that specializes in textbook renting as well as selection of eBooks. They also give you the option to purchase lots of books you’ve rented. They also sell new and used textbooks but focus more on the rental market.

The good thing about Chegg is that, it gives you access to the online version (only if it’s available) while you wait for the hardcopy to arrive via mail. After the semester is over, you can then send the textbook back to Chegg for FREE. Another one is, Chegg offers a 21-day satisfaction guarantee – so if you decide to drop a class, you can send Chegg back the textbook for free. Right now, Rent or Buy Textbooks from Chegg: Up to 90% off. And for Freshmen, they can enjoy 10% off Book Rentals of $75 or more with a Chegg coupon code.

bookrenter-book-rentalBook Renter has the option to buy, sell and rent textbooks for a variety of topics and subjects. Start your search on Book Renter’s large search box to trawl into more than 5 million textbooks. It offers you book return program with free shipping.

Book Renter has a different approach when it comes to renting their books. The rental rates depend on the borrowing periods. Book Renter has a ‘basement’ where you can browse a lot of books to buy. They offer free shipping when you return their books or you can return it in-store at any of the affiliated locations. With Anycodes’ exclusive coupon code AUG13CSNAP, College students can enjoy 5% off 3+ rentals at Book Renter. is one of the best and easy sources to find a variety of textbooks to buy or rent for as many as 10 million titles. They also have an online version of some of their books thus giving you a much plenty of options when it comes to your textbooks or reading material for the semester. At, used textbooks and eTextbooks are up to 90% off. Orders over $25 are offered Free Shipping.
Trusted way back 2007, Campus Book Rentals prides itself on their great customer service, affordable prices and most flexible rental periods. This site only provides textbook rentals but this includes free shipping both ways so you don’t have to pay more. It has a twenty-one day risk free return periods since some students might be loaded with tasks and work after the semester ends. At Campus Book Rentals, you are free to highlight your textbooks as if you owned it. At, students can get $8 off any order over $70 with a coupon code FallSale70.
The price is always cheaper at Better World Books than most universities bookstore. The site has a wide selection of not only textbooks but other books that might interest you as well. Start shopping at Better World and start saving up to 90% on their books. The best part is that, Better World also donates a book to someone who needs it whenever you purchase or rent a textbook at the site. Shipping is always free and they mean it worldwide. With coupon code BOOKS4GOOD, students can get 10% off when purchase 2+ books.
Yes, Amazon is a popular site to purchase a variety of things including brand new textbooks at a cheaper price. You can buy brand new books or save a lot on their used textbooks. Another thing is Amazon now rent textbooks and books too.

Students who wants to get a free two-day shipping on most items will just have to sign up for an Amazon Student account to get this benefit. Once the semester ended, you can just simply ship back the book to Amazon – and the postage is already paid! Off to Coolege at, Students can enjoy new college books up to 40% off, Used textbooks and eBooks up to 90% off.

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