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Top 7 Ways To Lower Your Electric Bills

Our increasing dependence on machines for everyday activities has made them indispensable. Therefore many-a- times, if not always, we all tend to go overboard with their usage. But we forget that everything comes at a cost and for this luxury we all have to pay electric bill. If facts are to be believed then every month a person spends almost one third of its salary paying up the bill.  However, taking a few careful steps we all can reduce our monthly bills.  To find out what they are, continue reading:

1. Switch off the Lights

switch off lights

Who says small deeds never pay, a simple habit of switching off lights whenever not required would surely go a long way in reducing your monthly bill. Try it for a month and you would be surprised with the returns.

2. Fridge management can save a lot

fridge management

Fridge is one of the major appliances that consume the maximum energy. Efficient handling of fridge can reduce that consumption by a lot. Small task like checking that the door is properly closed with no gaps, setting the correct temp range for freezer and fridge and switching to second fridge if and only if ultimately required are the steps that one needs to keep in mind.

3. Using Energy Saver bulbs

energy saving light bulbs

Switching to energy saver bulbs is economical for both long and short term. These bulbs being very energy efficient consume less power but lighten up the room well. Also they have a long life because of which one need not worry about changing bulb regularly.

4. Controlling gadget use

energy saving

Just by switching off the power button on your gadget does not mean that it is not taking up electricity. Neither is removing your phone charger from the phone. All the gadgets tend to use electricity as long as they are connected to the socket. However by plugging the plug or switching off the main electric socket can ensure that no electricity is being wasted.

5. Keeping Doors and Windows Closed

close window

Whether one is heating or cooling the room constant opening and closing of doors should be avoided since it leads to additional strain on the thermostat or AC. Also while leaving the room the doors should be closed so that the heating or cooling effect remains.

6. Cold Water Washing

cold water wash

Using cold water for washing clothes and also while washing dishes can help save up to $115 dollars per year. Also using the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are fully loaded can help increase this saving.

7. Smart Meter

smart meter

Installing a smart meter in the house is not only a smart move (economically) but it also helps to keep track of your energy usage. You can even set usage goals and get warned when you are about to exceed limit before the month ends.

With this list now you know how some of the small simple steps can help you reduce your electric bill next month.

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