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Top 9 Favorite Apps for Windows 8

Meet Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, an operating system developed by Microsoft. This operating was initially released last August 1 2012 and for general availability last October 6 2012 only and many people as well as business migrated from their current windows version to this latest version. I wrote an article on “Things That You Need to Know About Windows 8”.


Windows 8 has many major changes on its operating platform, user interface and applications that we have not seen in Windows 7. It aims to improve user experience on devices and personal computers like laptops and tablets.

Aside from the new look, some of the new features and functionality in Windows 8 includes a faster start-up through UEFI integration. It has also a new “hybrid boot” mode which hibernates on Windows shutdown to speed up subsequent booting process. Users have now the ability to create live USB versions of this which they called “Windows To Go”.

Meet Windows 8 Favorite Apps

Well, as the features and functionality changes we also embrace ourselves with the applications that could run and be installed in our Windows 8 OS.



Want to visit grandma or kiss mom goodnight halfway around the world? Staying connected with our loved ones is never been this easy with Skype. Skype is the world’s leader in internet calling and with Windows 8 new interface; the app is sporting a distinctive look that compliments the new Windows 8. Microsoft also worked on the app’s battery life making Skype as one of the useful apps in Windows 8. is offering 50% off signing up for premium Skype and 1-month free trial on calls to Latin America.



Here comes Microsoft’s well-known OneNote application and you can get it as free through Windows 8 app. OneNote has a plenty of features that could help users sync their thoughts and plans across multiple devices. It has the ability to annotate with drawings or scribbles as well as you can tag it to make them more organize.



If you are one of the Netflix fan and subscriber, you’ll be happy to know that your loved service can be easily access through this app. This is one of the apps that could bring you huge library of movies and TV shows in just a pinch. It is also made efficient as possible for you to get the best battery life in your devices. The app’s home page will show you the Top 10, New Releases, Genres options, Popular, Recently added and so much more. Now, you can enjoy “Register for Netflix and get 1-month free trial” at

Adobe Photoshop Express


It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner on editing and adjusting pictures. Photoshop also has its own milestone when it comes to picture editing and people loved the way this software works. With this Free PhotoShop Express app, one can easily crop pictures, adjust brightness and contrasts and magically add a range of filtered looks on your favorite photo.

Background Wallpapers HD


Background Wallpapers HD lets you customize your system with images found on your local folders and drives or even with your own shots. This is your ultimate source of high-resolution pictures and images. New wallpapers are added daily – in more than 30 categories so you can have more choices for your slideshow and lock screen wallpaper. These images are just so beautiful that you can enjoy even just by browsing.



Don’t know a thing? Ask Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a fabulous website packed with knowledge and things beyond your imagination. The Windows 8 app formatted Wikipedia’s look and transform it into an eye-catching app for a better display. You can find a set of “featured articles” or “on this day” – which features a collection of events. Once the app is installed, you can search it anytime and you just know that this will help you on your work and school anytime.



Twitter fans can now take advantage of the native app on Windows 8 that offers them the capability not found on other platforms. For example, it can show you a collage of tweets or photos from tweets. It also lets you pin it on the side of your screen to see your live updates.

TuneIn Radio


This is one app that we love to keep away boredom and helps you keep entertained everywhere. The app has a huge database of more than 70,000 stations. You can browse on a wide range of category that includes music, news, sports, comedy or you can also find your own favorite local stations. This app program can also maintain a list of your favorite stations for easy access.

The Weather Channel


The app can definitely help users to view the weather conditions hour by hour or even on the next 10 days. The best part is that, you can also get access on maps and videos and even warning messages for severe weather conditions. You can see that this app is a full package because it is packed with information on wind speed, humidity, sunrise and sunset, atmospheric pressure, visibility and other weather conditions. The Weather Channel provides accurate weather information plus you get to see and use their personalized interactive maps.