Top 8 Sites to Buy Cheap Tickets of Water Park, Theme Parks and more

Whether it’s for a family outing, a reunion or just having with friends, Water Park or Theme Park is one of the best choices to get recreation and relaxation. Now let’s go straight to some famous parks, and find which one is worth visiting most, in addition to some great sites to shop for cheap park tickets.
Water park is a type of amusement park. It features water play areas such as water slides, splash sides and recreational swimming environments. Some water parks are equipped with some type of artificial environment such as wave pool or surfing tides.

Theme park on the other hand, is also an amusement park but does not feature water slides and other swimming activities but rather this is a group of entertainment attractions and rides for a large number of people. A theme park is not a simple playground park but it caters specifically to a certain age bracket as well as for all ages. Theme parks are specific because they are themed to a certain subject rather than normal parks.

These amusements parks have a quite expensive entrance fee or tickets. So if you’re planning to go some surfing or ride until the tide, try to search first for some sites that can offer you some discount coupons or deals that would eventually save you money while getting the benefits of the original tickets. Here are some sites that you might want to look further:

  • Florida Ticket Station (www.floridaticketstation.com)

This site offers extensive discounts on amusement park tickets. Save as much as 14% for Walt Disney World Theme Park. It’s time to get what you’ve been waiting for. Starting October, the guests of Disney Parks around the world will get the chance to experience dream vacations. The Florida ticket Station also offer Shop The Kids Eat Free Card for only $20 per child. The card is originally valued at $350 in savings. With over 125 local restaurants, your kid will be able to dine and experience at his or her heart’s content.

  • Miami Seaquarium (miamiseaquarium.com)

Miami Seaquarium is one of the best oceanarium parks in the US. It offers eight different marine animal shows and presentations each day. This Oceanarium attracts more than half a million visitors each year and is a premier entertainment destination. You can get the Seaquarium tickets just as low as $29.95 only or you can enjoy the group program for as low as $24.75 with a free pass to children below 3. Annual pass members will also receive a 20% off on general admission for up to six guests. And 50% off for children 3-9 yrs at Miami Seaquarium, with a printable coupon.

  • Ticket Fly (www.ticketfly.com)

Ticket Fly helps you save and give you a humble discount on any events, parks and other show. Discover where you want to go, what you want to do. Just simply enter an artist, an event, venue or city to find what interests you and buy your tickets the fastest way possible in a cheap price. (Get $20 off on your order by using coupon code 20off during checkout.)

  • Hershey Park (www.hersheypark.com)

Hershey Park is located near the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania. It includes 60 different rides and attractions that everybody love to experience and enjoy. When you purchase tickets in group of 20 or more, you can save up to 40% on admission tickets. Families and guests of all ages can now experience three big and fun weekends starting from $29.95 only.

  • ScoreBig (www.scorebig.com)

Scorebig is a place that would take you to a wide range of events happening around town or amusement parks you want to go. The site helps you save up to 60% on sports, concerts and theater tickets, and you can also enjoy $30 off $150+ orders with a coupon code.

Kennywood is one of the most loved amusement parks. Children two years of age and under are free and do not require tickets to enter the amusement park. Kennywood season pass for as low as $49.99 and get low price items at the park. You can also save as much as 5% on pre-purchase meals through online and you can choose from several great food options. For early season online price, get tickets for as low as $32.99, while saving a total of $7.

  • Blue Bayou Water Park (www.bluebayou.com)

This water park has over 20 water attractions that includes High Water Slide and a Triple 7-story Serpentine Slide or the Twin 8-story Speed Slide. Go for adventure on their 6-story Moccasin Water Slide that twist and turns in complete darkness and have fun riding the Conja, the world’s largest in-line water slide. This 2013, Blue Bayou Water Park daily tickets is only $29.99.

  • Legoland (www.legoland.com)

Legoland is always on the top list when it comes to the enjoyment of your kids. The park captures plenty of kid’s heart as well as adults. So Legoland is also giving discounts on their tickets that lets you save up to 20% plus get your 2nd day free. And if you book in advance, you can save up to $15 and get your 2nd day free. With a code 13023, you can enjoy Free kids ticket with purchase on an adult ticket at Legoland.

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