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Top Five Costume Ideas for Adults

Halloween is right around the corner. If you have a big costume party to attend, or you just like to dress up with your kids when you take them by trick-or-treating, you may be wondering what your should be. Some adults get very creative and creative crafty with their costumes. Walmart offers a great selection of Halloween costumes. Here are the top five costume ideas for adults.


#1. Ghostbusters

Following current trends hit movies always make a big impression when it comes to favorite adult costume ideas for the year. This is a remake of an older classic and is easy to replicate. All you need is a tan jumpsuit, boots, a backpack, a Ghostbusters insignia to put on your sleeve and toy gun and you’re set.



#2. Harley Quinn

Another favorite character is from one of the hit movies this year Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn has become an instant pop culture icon. For this costume, all you need is a tight fitted t-shirt, shorts, fishnet stockings, high heel boots, non-permanent hair coloring and attitude.



#3. Any character from Star Wars Awakening

Star Wars has been a huge movie hit since it first came out. There have been many movies that followed the original Star Wars and many of the characters are favorites to dress up as. The current movie Star Wars Awakening has not let fans down. Choose your favorite character and you’re sure to be a hit. Some of the popular characters are Finn, Rey, or Kylo Ren.


#4. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

Politicians are big on the top costume ideas for adults. This year Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big political targets that are sure to be a hit. All you need is a suit and a wig or even a mask of Trump or Clinton which are easy to find these days.


#5. Marvel superheroes

Marvel has been quite busy these last few years, there are many favorite characters to choose from. Whether you are a fan of Superman, Spiderman, or Dead pool you can be whichever superhero or villain you like and be on trend.

Whatever you decide to dress up as, be sure to have fun. Don’t stress about your costume. Be creative, use your skills, use makeup and hair to help dress up your costume, and get into character to make your costume come to life. Halloween is a fun time to spend with your family and friends, it gives you a chance to dress up as your favorite character and play the part.

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