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Christmas Gifts for Kids-Top STEM Toys for Budding Scientists, Inventors and Engineers

Have you prepared Christmas gifts for kids this year? Toy manufacturers are incorporating science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into more and more toys and this holiday season there are hundreds of top STEM toys to choose from. These STEM toys feature open-ended play that will have your child constructing, engineering, exploring and experimenting for hours on end.  If you would like to introduce your child to coding, circuitry, robotics and other math and science concepts check out this list. Then bring on the next generation of innovators!

 Code-A-Pillar Christmas toys for kids
The Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar introduces your child to sequencing, which is the first step to understanding the complex world of coding and software engineering. This colorful toy lights up as he moves in the programmed sequence designed by your child. The goal is to set up start and end targets on the floor and watch your child try to figure out which way the caterpillar needs to move to reach the finish line. In addition to teaching your child basic coding concepts they will also love watching this caterpillar weave himself back and forth, while playing fun music and lighting up the room. This is a great toy for kids within the 3 – 6 year range.
Snap Circuits, Jr.
 Snap Circuits, Jr. Christmas gifts for kids

Snap Circuits teach your children the basic principles of electricity through a series of fun projects. These circuits snap together and can be easily modified, with minor tweaks, to create new circuitry experiments. Even the most basic sets allow children to create hundreds of different projects. It includes snap wires, switches, alarms, a music integrated circuit and speaker. Snap Circuits, Jr. will appeal to younger children. Each piece is color coded and easy to identify.

Code & Go Robot Mouse
Code & Go Robot Mouse Christmas gifts for kids
The Code & Go Robot Mouse from Learning Resources will teach children the basic concepts of order and sequencing. In this game children program a mouse to move through a maze in search of cheese. The game comes with a series of challenge cards that show your child how to set up the maze and where to place the mouse and cheese. Using a series of action oriented cards, like move left, right or forward, children code the mouse to move from start to finish. If they fail on the first try they can reprogram the mouse to make another attempt. This toy is ideal for ages 5 and up.

Meccano Meccasaur
 Meccano Meccasaur Christmas gifts for kids

Meccano Meccasaur is a three foot dinosaur robot kit designed for children. Children will spend hours building this dinosaur following step by step instructions similar to those provided by brands like Lego. After construction the dinosaur will respond to petting, answer yes or no questions, stomp around and roar. This toy is intended for children ages 10 and older.

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab Christmas gifts for kidsDo you have a budding scientist in your home? If so, this hands on learning kit includes a wide selection of science experiments including creating sticky ice, measuring pH, performing chromatography, creating slime, forming a bouncy ball, making a milk rainbow, exploding a volcano and learning about density. This fun bus-shaped kit comes packed with fifty one colorful experiment cards and a data notebook to record observations. It is intended for children aged 5 – 12.

If your child is interested in science, technology, engineering or math consider gifting one of these toys this holiday. Look for these and other STEM toys at Toys R Us. All orders over $19 will receive free shipping. Your children will be excited at these Christmas gifts for kids.