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Top Ten Halloween Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year again when you carve jack -o- lanterns, attend weird  costume parties and play pranks on others. Some watch horror films, visit haunted attractions, pray, fast and attend church vigils. There’s a lot of activity going on around this time. But what gets your attention the most are the gifts! This holiday is observed in most parts of the world and people keep coming out with more and more gruesome gifts by the year! They are weird and the idea is to evoke shock rather than surprise. Keep reading to know some of the best Halloween gifts ideas this Halloween season.

1. Try gifting secrets and mysteries of the world. This is fiction on vampires, werewolves, witches and the like. Most gift stores come out with discounted packs for these. It will work best with kids in the age range of 10-15 years.

2. An adult third leg costume is the next best thing. It is attached to the crotch of the jeans and looks like an extension of you with a perfect foot poking out the end of the jeans.

3. Costumes make for great gifts, be it a cupcake costume or a Cruella De ville Prestige costume. When buying the costume keep the persons taste, age and interest in mind.

4. Personalized Halloween gifts. For those of you who are a little conservative, there are options such as Halloween jars, personalized pumpkin table décor, haunted house cupcake holder and Halloween personalized coffee mugs. The cupcake holder seems to be a favorite in households with kids and even otherwise for decoration purposes.

5. Some of the gifts that fall in the normal range are the Halloween candy basket or the Halloween beer basket. Nothing better than gifting things that you otherwise would not splurge on!

6. Spooky chocolate dipped strawberries also make for decent gift items or even a ghost glow silicone dipped bulb. Spooky faces are made on these strawberries using M&Ms, gems and other candy.

7. And for little kids try the no tricks only treat Halloween gift baskets. This has candies, marshmallows, cupcakes, chocolate bars and mints. Another variant is the Happy Halloween spooky pail of treats.

8. And now if your kid is say just a year old, what better than Halloween rubber duckies. Include everyone in the Halloween spirit. Toddlers love new toys in their bath.

9. If you want to get a little in your face adventurous with a friend, gift them the metal garden bat. It’s priced a little steep but can be hung up outside your front door. Just the perfect invite for your Halloween party.

10. Last but not the least, this item’s fast catching up. Hand painted ghost party wine glass. They are available in sets of six and twelve and make for the perfect gift. Bring them out every Halloween and toast to witches and werewolves!

There are tons of things other than these too that can be done to make your Halloween gifts even more spooky. Most people make these gifts at home and that brings out the creative edge in people.