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Top three computer brands to buy

Considering the fact that the IT industry is among the top three fastest growing industries, and there are a lot of companies that people can choose products from. Laptops these days represent one essential tool that is needed for every work. It doesn’t matter whether you are an accountant, engineer, doctor, or something else, all people need computer to write reports, make simulations, and programming user applications or some other work tasks. Laptop is a convenient tool, mainly because it replaces every desktop unit, and it can be easily packed and used everywhere people need it. There are different configurations of course for different types of work. Laptop for graphics professionals or programmers is not same as a laptop for accountants or lawyers. It all depends on the work that needs to be finished. Although laptops are most commonly used for work, desktop configurations, especially All In One configurations take big part of the market.

Sony Vaio laptops

sony vaio series

Laptops from Sony, especially the Vaio series have shown to be one of the most reliable laptops ever announced on the market. This brand is usually used by people who work on their laptops 24/7. Battery and processor are the main characteristics why people decide to buy any model of these computer lines. Sony is a company that always keeps up with the good quality. It must be mentioned that Sony laptops are found to be heat resistant. Sony successfully made great advancement and resolved the heating problem. Some of the most known cheap but highly efficient laptops made by Sony are the Sony Vaio SVE15125CXS which costs exactly $499.99, or if you prefer smaller laptops, it would be nice to buy the Sony Vaio 11.6 inch laptop which is $30 off, or to be more accurate this little fella would cost you exactly $419.99. Don’t let the size fool you. It is a handy little machine capable on delivering tremendous power. These deals come with free shipping to your home address.

Laptops from HP

HP Envy DV7 Laptop

In case some of you need highly professional laptop with enormous capabilities, for programming or video editing professionals, I would recommend everyone buying products from HP. One of the products that really caught my attention was the HP Envy DV7 Quad laptop, which comes with i7 processor and works on 2.4 GHz. Well this machine is definitely highly professional because besides the great processor, it comes with 12 GB of DDR3 RAM and 1 TB of hard drive. This machine is $400 off, and will cost you exactly $999.99, with of course free shipping. In case you prefer another product for HP’s portfolio, HP Probook 4530 which is $160 off will do any job. I must mention that also some accessories like professional laptop backpacks like ThinkPad 11W which is 20% off will make a great impression on your clients. That is product for those who prefer casual clothing style.

Toshiba PC’s


For those who prefer desktop PC’s, Toshiba LX835-D3207 23″ All-in-One Computer is the best solution. This machine costs exactly $649.99, and is nearly 40% off. It has a 23 inch display, 6 GB DDR3 RAM and 1 Tb of hard drive. I would recommend it to professionals who are in the web design and web site development business. Besides the enormous discount, Toshiba has many other surprises for every customer, like free shipping and free licensed operating system like Windows 7.