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Top Toys For Kids This Christmas top christmas toys for kids

It’s that time of the year again, all the hiding gifts in socks and around the Christmas tree. It’s also when the kids in your family can get to learn the tradition of Christmas. And of course gifts are a non-negotiable part of that tradition. Gifts also go on to show how much you care. But for kids it’s just fun and they will remember you for the amazing gift that you gave last year. Also kids are smart these days. They drop subtle hints around to ensure that you know what they want for Christmas.

However your nephews and nieces might not get that chance with you. So keep reading to know what you can get them for this Christmas and blow away their minds. Ensure that you maintain a balance between what they want and how much you can afford.

Top Christmas  toys for kids (Girls):

All little girls want are to glam up their doll houses and their dolls. Throw in a cute teddy bear and some exotic chocolates and you are done. Some of them might want something different though. Check out these options:

KIDS BOP Karaoke machine

1. KIDZ BOP Karaoke machine: Make music a part of their life from very young. This is portable, real cute and easy to use. It displays the lyrics on your TV as she sings along. It has one microphone but second can be bought for the duet performances.

baby's 1st ornament

2. Your baby’s first ornament: It’s your kids first Christmas; get her some nice jewelry that you can get engraved. Don’t buy expensive pieces. Little angles love trendy and pinky stuff.

barbie and the magic of pegasus

3. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus: Barbie dolls trump anything any day. This is the latest Barbie in the Pegasus story line and as pretty as ever.

Top Christmas toys for kids (Boys):

Believe it or not, their gifts come at a steal. Be it machine guns or LEGO sets or footballs, they are quite easy to get. But for something different, try these.

batwing battle over gotham city

1. Batwing Battle over Gotham city: Now who doesn’t want this! This is LEGO battle in the air.  It has the mini-figures of Batman, Joker and a henchman along with their vehicles. Kids get to take a battle in the air as Batwing and Batman make efforts to defend the Gotham City and the Joker in his helicopter is out there is destroy it.

WWE Brawling buddies

2. WWE Brawling buddies: These are plush figures that make sounds when struck and say catch phrases. They are safe for being roughed around. Gets the boys’ favorite wrestling stars for total fun.

Toy state James Bond Car

3. Toy state James Bond Car: A sleek silver car with hidden pop up weapons and armor. It has some cool sound effects and James Bond themed music. It is controlled by a remote and available in various models to choose from keeping the taste of the kid and budget in mind.


LEGO Technic jet plane

4. LEGO Technic jet plane: This can be rebuilt into an aerobatic plane, has sweeping wings and some terrific landing gear. A dream for most boys and they will not outgrow its charm for at least a couple of years.

There are top Christmas toys for kids that you can explore, but these were the hottest of this season. And if your kid has been dropping hints this is probably what he or she has been looking for.

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