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Toys You Need to Get NOW

1. Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart


Last year it was the standing Checkup Center that you couldn’t find anywhere and were going for $200 on Amazon.  This year, it’s the mobile version is where it’s at. As a side note, last year’s Checkup Center is now available in the boy version, blue. Doc is a great role model for your kids–she takes care of her toys, just like her mom, a real doctor.


2. Little Live Pets Bird Cage 


Parents, you’re really going to hope that this one is short-lived. The Little Live Pets Bird Cage. Best for ages 5 and up, your child can play with the

bird and elicit responses like chirping, tweeting and singing. Your child can also record ten seconds of her own voice and the bird will play back (like a parrot–get it?!). And when the bird is really happy, he will play a special song for your child. Choose from different birds with different cutesy names, like “Friendly Frankie,” or “Angelic Angela.”




3. Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll 

Well, if we’re being honest, everything Frozen-related makes a hot toy this year. But, while you’re child probably already has a collection of Frozen toys, this one is brand new for the holiday season. This (child-like) version of Elsa sings our favorite song, that we’re are not remotely sick of, “Let it Go.” She also says key phrases from the movie (we know it by heart, anyway) when her “magic” pendant is touched. This DOES come with Olaf (who will be immediately cast aside and forgotten).


4. Guardians of the Galaxy Lego set (ages 6-12) 


There’s a few different versions of this ranging from about 35.99 to 69.99. Some are much more involved and complicated than others, so  be sure to read the age ranges on the box…and to also consider that you might spend hours of your Saturday helping your kid put this together.




5. The Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity Design Kit


Designing and creating are all the rage for girls right now–and this is never a bad thing. Jewelry makers, beads, and bracelet makers are huge this season. Play-doh gets in on the action by creating a vanity that you can decorate and store jewelry in. Decorate with this specialPlay-Doh and it dries to lock in your design. The Doh Vinci line has other cool options for designing and creating jewelry.


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