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Trader Joe’s: A Review of Your Unique Grocery Store

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain unlike most grocery stores. It’s smaller than your typical market and sells many different exotic foods that may not be as easy to find at a typical grocery store.   A typical super market has about 50,000 items on its shelves.  Trader Joe’s only carries about 4,000 and about 80% of that is their own private label.  Trader Joe’s products are a healthier choice, containing no MSG, GMO, artificial colorings, preservatives and their dairy lines is hormone free.  They even carry a huge line of organic foods.  Their products reasonably prices and much lower than what you’d pay at other grocery stores.

Another cool thing about Trader Joe’s is the overall shopping experience.  As you walk in, you’ll hear happy upbeat pop music coming from the speakers within the stores.  The staff is upbeat, friendly and will be more than willing to help you out.  They may even share a corny joke with you.  Food, coffee and fruit juice is always being samples.  On weekends, there is wine tastings.

Trader Joe's

So, what are some of Trader Joe’s best products?  Here is my top ten list.

Trader Joe’s Yellow Fin Tuna in Olive Oil

Most of the tuna fish at Trader Joe’s are above average in taste.  Trader Joe’s Yellow Fin in Olive Oil is the tastiest of all.  It has a firm texture and non-fishy taste.  It’s packed in olive oil and tastes great on its own, without mayo or any other condiments.

Trader Joe’s Truly Handmade Tortillas

trader joe's truly handmade tortillas

These tortillas are truly handmade and are made with wholesome and simple ingredients.  Trader Joe’s truly handmade tortillas come in flour and whole wheat.  They are thicker than most tortillas on the market and much tastier.

Charles Shaw Wine

charles shaw varietals

Also affectionately known as Two Buck Chuck, this affordable wine is a very popular item at Trader Joe’s.  Most locations sell this wine for $1.99 (hence the nick name), but some locations sell it for a bit more, at $2.99.  It’s a great wine for the price and offers a wide varieties of whites and reds.

Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken

trader joes mandarin orange chicken

This frozen entrée has been on Trader Joe’s popularity list for several years in a row.   It is so good that after you try it, you’ll hardly believe it came out of a bag.  Cook it on the stove top or in the oven.  It’s a wonderful alternative to Chinese take out

Trader Joe’s Falafel Chips

trader joee falafel chips

With a blend of corn, garbanzo beans, tasty veggies and spices, Trader Joe’s Falafel Chips are a great alternative to tortilla chips.  Perfect with salsa or a bean dip.  You can even eat these plain.   They taste that good.

Trader Giotto’s Quattro Formaggio

Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio (Translated Four Cheeses) is a shredded cheese blend of Parmesan, Asiago, Fontina and Provolone cheeses.  It’s a perfect blend of soft and hard Italian cheeses and is perfect for your pizza and pasta dishes.

Dark Chocolate Mint Covered Espresso Beans

dark chocolate mint covered espresso beans

If you are a fan of chocolate covered espresso beans, you have to try the Trader Joe’s brand.  Delicious dark chocolate with refreshing mint are an incredible and satisfying treat!

Columbia Supremo Coffee

Columbia Supremo has a mildly sweet taste to it and smells simply divine!  This is a coffee that is rich enough to serve after dinner, while being a pleasant breakfast coffee too.

Specialty Cheeses


Specialty cheeses can be quite expensive, but Trader Joe’s offers some really spectacular cheeses at about half the price of what you’d pay somewhere else.  Trader Joe’s Italian Truffle Cheese and Aged Havarti Cheese are my personal favorites.


There are so many unique varieties of hummus to choose from and for just a few dollars!  Try the roasted garlic, red pepper, or artichoke and spinach varieties.

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$3.99 for Baked Alaska, 10.2 ounce package for two!

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