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Transitioning to Fall: Kid Fashion Must Haves

Labor Day is over, and Summer is quickly fleeting. Before you know it, Autumn will be in full swing. Personally, I can’t wait! But, what do you do for those few weeks when the days are hot, but the evening and early morning hours are chilly?


I want to share some of the must-have items I have on hand for my kids during that short season of transitioning to Fall.

  • Sweatshirts – Layers are vital during this transition period. Kids need items they can easily take off and toss in their backpack when it starts to warm up. Stock up on cute, functional sweatshirts from The Children’s Place, and your kids will be ready for whatever weather comes their way.
  • Sweaters – My girls love to dress up, and sometimes, a sweatshirt just doesn’t look right with the outfit they’re wearing. That’s when sweaters come in handy. Cardigans are perfect for layering over a sleeveless dress, and then they’re ready for anything!
  • Jackets – A light jacket might be all your child needs to keep them comfortable. Jackets are also perfect for tossing into backpacks so kids can get on with their day without being bogged down.


  • Jeans – My kids love to wear shorts all summer long. But, when the mornings get chilly, they’re all ready to pull out their jeans to be comfortable. I love the jeans from Carter’s Oshkoshbecause their jeans fit well and are made to last – even with as tough as my kids are on their jeans.


  • New Shoes – It’s time to consider putting away the flip flops and sandals and going with something a little more weather friendly. Tennis shoes and boots are both better choices, depending on what style your child likes best.
  • Tights – Tights are a great way to keep your little girl’s legs from getting cold when the weather starts to change. Avoid the thick, heavy tights until the weather gets really cold. Simple, light tights are enough to keep her warm without making her hot when the sun starts shining.

The goal during the transitioning time is to keep your kids warm before the sun comes up and once it’s set for the day, but to avoid overheating when the sun is at its peak during the day. This can be hard, especially if you live in an area like we do where the temperature can change 30 or more degrees in a day! But, it can be done, and your child can still be fashionable while wearing functional clothing.

Are there other items you recommend kids have when the weather starts to change? I’d love to hear your thoughts!