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Travel Destinations That Will Have Your Mouth Watering

Summer is the perfect time to plan a vacation. If you are one who likes to get away and try new things, why not add culinary delights to your list of things to do while on your vacation?

These top travel destinations will have your mouth watering and you definitely won’t leave hungry:

  • New Orleans – If you love jazz and beautiful summer nights, the only thing that can top it off is a tasty bowl of gumbo. The flavor is big, and it’s an experience you’ll never forget when you travel down to New Orleans.

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  • Chicago – Sure, everyone loves hot dogs, but there’s something special about the way Chicago dresses up their dogs. In the Windy City, you’ll find some of the tastiest and most unique links around. Hot dogs aren’t your thing? Go for a slice of deep dish pizza. This pizza is so thick, you’ll need to eat it with a fork. Chicago is tops for their cuisine, so be sure to check out these promo codes for Easy Click Travel and book your vacation to Chicago today.
  • Honolulu – Want to really step out of the box? Head to Honolulu and try one of their creations made with SPAM. That’s right. Hawaiians consume more SPAM than any other state, and they’re fixing it up in a way that leaves mainlanders craving more. Head to Hawaii for the beaches, but be sure to stay for the SPAM.

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  • Brooklyn – New York is always a fun travel destination spot, but there’s no better way to beat the heat in the summer than with a great big slice of New York Style Cheesecake. Take in the beauty and adventure of the city, but be sure to sit down and have a slice of something sweet!
  • San Francisco – When you’re on the water, what could be better than seafood in the summer? Fish, lobster… you name it, it’s all there — served fresh from the water. Aside from the freshest seafood around, you’ll also find sourdough bread, wharfside treats, and plenty of sweets to keep your belly full and happy all vacation long.

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  • Southern BBQ – Summer = BBQs, so why not take a road trip south and try the different ways the Southerners do up their BBQ. They all do it differently. You’ll find BBQ chicken in NC, pulled pork in Tennessee, and the juiciest smoked turkey you’ll ever eat in Alabama. Get your car in tip-top shape with these CarID promo codes, then travel the south to sample all the best BBQ around!

What other travel destinations can you think of that will leave your mouth watering and your belly full? I’d love to hear about your choices!