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Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day With These Gifts

treat yourself this Valentine's Day

Not everyone has a date for Valentine’s Day. And, even if they do, that’s no reason to not love yourself, too! This holiday is all about showering your loved ones with gifts. But, why can’t you shower yourself with gifts? Surely you deserve it!

This Valentine’s Day, when you’re busy buying gifts for your significant other, your kids, your dog, or whoever, don’t forget to spoil yourself a little bit, too. Here are some gifts you need to buy for yourself this February 14th!

treat yourself this Valentine's Day

A One Year Membership to Beauty Counter

Getting new makeup and beauty products is always a treat. But, why should you only be entitled to them on Valentine’s Day? You shouldn’t. That’s why for V-Day, BeautyCounter is offering the Band of Beauty-an amazing membership sign-up bonus. For just $29, you can sign up for one year, get 15% product credit with each order, free shipping on orders over $100, and a complimentary gift when you sign up if you spend more than $50. What are you waiting for? You deserve this, love!

Jewelry from Jared’s

treat yourself this Valentine's Day

Whether you’re single or your husband just doesn’t get the hint, don’t wait for someone else to buy you jewelry! Get it for yourself instead! Now, you can get great deals from Jared’s, like $100 off gorgeous jewelry from Le Vian. Jared’s also has a great selection on PANDORA charms and Alex Woo charms, so you don’t need to hope that your significant other will help you fill up your bracelet. Just get whatever you’re feeling, and if you order by 2 PM on February 13th, it’ll still be at your door by Valentine’s Day! You can also earn double Jared awards if you order between now and V-Day.

Delicious Godiva Chocolate

treat yourself this Valentine's Day

Who doesn’t love to get some chocolate on Valentine’s Day? And, you can never have enough of it, right? Get yourself some delicious Godiva chocolate at 20% off $50. That’s a lot of sweet goodness you can enjoy for many months to come. (Though, we don’t blame you if you decide to eat all the treats in one day.) While you’re at it, you can also get 10% off any order when you sign up at the website, free shipping on orders between $65-$300, and $15 flat rate shipping for other Valentine’s Day orders. What’s not to love?

New Lingerie or Bras and Panties from Adore Me

treat yourself this Valentine's Day

We all know the only reason women every get dressed up is so they look good and feel good themselves. So, this Valentine’s Day, reward YOURSELF with some sexy new clothing from Adore Me. They have their Valentine’s Day collection with deals up to 45% off. There’s also another V-Day special where you can take a quiz and get your first set for $24.95 plus free shipping and exchanges! You go, girl!

Don’t let disappointment happen next week! Just treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and let the love sink in!