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Trending Quality Designs of Computer Mouse from Top Brands

The computer mouse is an input device that is used with a personal computer or laptops. The evolution of a computer mouse is quite amusing too. Designs and styles range from large trackballs to slim and trendy and now to wireless technology. The term mouse was called on this device because of the wire that connects the mouse to the computer which looks like a tail of the mouse. Nowadays people can use mouse without the aid of the wire but only using the Bluetooth technology, which are then called Wireless Mouse.
But still, many people preferred to use mouse with wires on their personal PCS and laptops. The emerging of the cute, stylish and uniquely-designed mouse ion the global market targets teenagers and kids. Technology has risen tremendously that even young children know how to use or even own a portable laptop and miniature tablets.

Here are some quality computer mice designed for the twenty first century from the top-leading computer brands.

The colorful life of sweet and tasty candy is now in the form of Logitech’s computer mouse. These colorful mice are bursting with bright candy hues that are truly a feast to your eyes. What’s the flavor of your life?

Zone Touch Mouse T400
It features a glass touch zone for smooth scrolling and you can easily access windows start screen. It has an 18-month battery life so it’s not a hassle for you and you might even forget it runs on batteries. But it also has a status indicator to make sure that you never caught with power. It uses advanced 2.4 Ghz wireless connection for optimum enjoyment. Price is only 49.99.
Logitech Wireless Mouse M325
This wireless mouse delivers a mix precision and comfort specifically designed for Web scrolling and with a contoured design based on the best-selling shape in the world. It has also an 18-month battery life with smart sleep mode that saves power. It also features a unifying nano-receiver that stays in your laptop without the hassle of a multiple USB receivers. It is very perfect for laptops and netbook. Price is only $29.99 each.
Right now, Logitech also offers up to 50% off on their special offers. Take the chance to enjoy free shipping when your order reached $49. Grab their 43% off sale products too.


Lenovo USB Optical Mouse (Wired) can let you enjoy the precision and accuracy of optical technology because it eliminates the need of a mechanical ball and a mouse pad. It works on any types of surface and fits comfortably in either hand. You can get this for only $15.00.
Lenovo ThinkPad Laser Bluetooth Mouse is perfect for people who are looking for a compact mouse for their everyday use and while you are on a travel. The Bluetooth wireless technology eliminates the need of a cord and can deliver control on any surface. Scroll it through documents and spreadsheets with increased accuracy and control. It has also a high-definition laser sensor and tilting scroll wheel for an advanced and optimum performance. It also features a unique battery compartment and it switches to low power mode when not in use. Price is only $39.99. Lenovo also offers 70% off on their wireless mouse and with free shipping.

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