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Formal events like interviews and business meetings require us to be in out formal attires. As the global market increase, the need for people who work in the offices for formal long sleeves and dresses increase. Companies want their employees to be neat and confident, with simplicity and to be respected.

A well-dressed person reflects the company that’s why Human Resources urged their employees to be in their best formal dress when going to the office. It does not necessarily have to be expensive because most people can’t afford to buy one dress with the cost of five. What matters most is how you deliver yourself and how you bring the confident in what you are wearing.

Interviews as well, people who wear formal business attires in interviews are most likely to impress the interviewer. It’s very formal and the person you’re looking for can feel that he or she is being respected as well.

Here are some stores that have a variety of trendy long sleeves, skirts jeans and dresses for a very affordable price and can fit on your everyday business agendas. They are not very costly since the stores that offers them also give out discounts and coupons to make your shopping more enjoyable.

Simply Dresses ( has a wide selection of career, casual, long or short dresses that are very perfect for any business and other formal events. If you are looking for a cheap but quality dresses, visit Simply Dresses’ collection of career and work dresses.


Simply Dresses offers free shipping on any purchases and 20% to 30% off on casual dresses. Save up to 20% to 70% too on selected sale dresses.

Humble Chic ( introduces a brand new styles and designs of dresses suitable for any formal events and business meeting. At Humble Chic, you get the latest in styles at the price you will definitely love. On your first order worth $75, they will give you $15 off. They also offer free international shipping with purchase of $150 or more so you still can have these very beautiful dresses even if you’re halfway around the globe. You can really save on Humble Chic because they offer up to 60% off on their sale items and their new arrivals only starts at $18.


Essential Apparel ( offers different designs, colours and sizes for long sleeves and other formal skirts and jeans. They also have blazers and other business and office attires that will definitely suit anyone’s budgets. For as low $19 plus other discount, you can now have the option to wear these dazzling dresses.  Essential Apparel offers 5% off your entire purchase and their new arrivals starts for only $7.90. Pretty amazing savings right? Check out their clearance sale to avail of up to 50% off discounts.


Fashionara ( gets you going. With their gorgeous line of dresses, you can be sure that you are always on the go and always prepared for any work and task for that day. A flat 25% off on selected items is a great way to start shopping at the site. Buy 2 products and enjoy a saving of 30% off or 20% off when you buy 1. Get 21% off on their entire collection.


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