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Turing Resolutions Into SMART Goals

smart goals

It’s January 1st. The fire of resolutions for the new year is likely still burning brightly for you. By February, most will give up, but you don’t have to follow the crowd. Many fail because they don’t have an actionable plan in place.

Good goals come are achieved through proper planning, and one of our favorite ways to plan is to make sure they are SMART.


S is for Specific

Let’s say your goal is to get more organized in the new year. You need to get specific. What does that look like? Will your counter be devoid of any excess junk mail? Will you have your finances automated? Will you finally get all of those digital photos organized?

Maybe it’s all three. For the purposes of this post, we’ll just stick with one, though. Let’s go with the photos. You want to have all of your digital photos sorted by October, giving you enough time to finally print out the good ones for next Christmas.

M is for Measurable

So you know you want to get your photos sorted by October. Maybe you want to get them all onto USB drives so they’re not taking up so much space on your computer. (This R2D2 one from GearBest is pretty awesome! And you can save 8% on it when you use promo codes.)

For your goal to be measurable, you need benchmarks. You will upload and sort enough photos for 1 USB drive per month. We’ll be conservative and say your R2D2 drive holds 3,000 pictures, which means you’ll be working on 750 photos per week.

A is for Attainable

Is your goal attainable? Do you have a few hours every weekend you can dedicate to sorting through 750 photos? Are they so out of order that it will take you even longer? If so, you need to adjust your goal. You know yourself well enough to know that you can’t organize 750 photos a week, so you reduce it to 500. It will now take you 15 months to reach your goal, but you know that it’s attainable, so you’re far less likely to give up.

R is for Realistic

On a similar wavelength as attainable, making your goal realistic means you know you can attain it. You know you can sort and upload 500 per week. But what about in December? During the holiday hustle and bustle, photo sorting may fall on the back burner. That’s okay. Now your goal is 16 months. You won’t be done by the end of 2016, but you will have made great progress. Just think! That’s 22,000 pictures sorted and uploaded! If you give up now, you will have done zero.

T is for Timely

There’s no reason you can’t wait until June of 2017 to upload your photos. For other specific goals, you may have a deadline. For example, maybe you want to move to a better district before your child starts Kindergarten. In that case, your deadline is more firm, and you will have to look at adjusting other things in your life to make sure your SMART goal comes to pass before the school bus arrives.


Best of luck on your resolutions! You can do this, whether you’re aiming to lose 10 pounds or organize hard drive! With SMART goals, you’ll be on the right track.