Unique and Affordable Airbnb Rentals

Staying at an Airbnb rental over a hotel has a lot of benefits. You’ll have the opportunity to see your destination as a local. You’ll have more opportunities to stay in a place that oozes funky fresh uniqueness than if you stayed at your standard hotel. And, of course, you’ll be able to find places that will keep more cash in your pocket.

Here are five of our favorite unique rentals from around that globe that will save you some dough on your next sojourn.

The Igloo By the Sea


Location: Trinity Beach, Queensland, Australia

Sleeps: 4

Price Per Night: $88

Why we love it: This igloo isn’t chilly, but it does have a cool vibe. The innovative structure and decor make this one-bed plus loft a fun place to rest your head in between soaking up some rays in the Southern Hemisphere. Extra bonus? The igloo and its companion properties surround a pool that’s right outside your door with the beach mere steps away.

Windmill in Amsterdam


Location: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Netherlands

Sleeps: 6

Price Per Night: $294 (That’s $98/night when split between three couples.)

Why we love it: How much more on-point could you get than staying in a windmill while in the Netherlands? This rental isn’t just kitschy, it’s comfortable. With three bedrooms and two baths, you’ll have plenty of room to enjoy your stay. Plus, it comes with two bikes so you can take turns exploring the area without having to pay for taxis or public transport.

Enchanted Treehouse


Location: Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, Ile-de-France, France

Sleeps: 2

Price Per Night: $157

Why we love it: In our crazy hectic world, it’s hard to unplug and get that one-on-one connection without constant interruptions from Twitter, email and friends texting at all hours. This romantic getaway an hour from Paris is off-the-grid while still being incredibly scenic and comfortable. You can set yourself up to have views of the forest or the nearby, and breath taking, Castle of Graville. This rental even comes with breakfast delivered by pulley system from the bottom of the 150-year-old tree that the house is built into.

Sleep in a Castle


Location: Saint Martin de Lixy, Burgundy, France

Sleeps: 7

Price Per Night: $147

Why we love it: This rental mixes old world charm with modern convenience. The decor harkens back to times past, but you’ll have access to a full kitchen, updated bath, and even free WiFi during your stay. This rental is perfect for families as the kids’ rooms come complete with toys, and the price to stay is ludicrously low when you consider the alternative of getting a hotel large enough to house you, your partner and multiple children. Plus, you get to sleep in a freaking castle!

Get Mused in Taos


Location: Taos, New Mexico, United States

Sleeps: 4

Price Per Night: $86

Why we love it: Taos, New Mexico is known for its skiing in the winter, but known for its artsy vibe all year round. This isn’t a super new reputation: Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, lived and wrote in this very cabin. Come here with others for a cheap stay on a fully-operating green farm in an interesting Southwestern city, or come here to seek the same muses Huxley found. The price is low enough that staying by yourself in search of inspiration isn’t going to break the bank.