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Unique and Quirky Grad Gifts!

Inspiring Jewelry

You don’t have to get something that shows the year they graduated, or that says, “Congrats!” Rather,  get something that is a keepsake, that might feature inspiring words, or symbols important to the grad. Etsy has oh, so many options. Stamp your jewelry with words like, “Hope” or “Love” or, stronger phrases, like, “Each day is a gift.” Go with something cute like, “wild child” or this cute bracelet that says, “Good Morning Sunshine, the Earth says Hello.” It’s playful and it’s light but certainly a powerful reminder to live each day.

handstamped quote bracelet, "good morning sunshine the earths says hello" wrap bracelet, graduation, inspirational jewelry, faux suede, gift
Etsy $19

The Uncommon

Uncommon Goods is SUCH a cool website, because they deliver exactly what they promise–uncommon goods. And mostly, it’s just cool stuff you didn’t think of at every price point. From personalized journals, to interesting maps, to quirky paperweights, a gift from this store will have all of his college roommates saying, “Dude! Where’d you get that?!” Check out the F Bomb paperweight ($45) for the college student will a sense of humor. Need something a little sentimental, try the “Wish Upon a Star” necklace ($148). A little inspiration? Try the “sky’s the limit” airplane paperweight.

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Silly Stuff

Entertain your inner child with cool stuff from Perpetual Kid. Also for the graduate with a sense of humor. If you know a college grad, there is a lot of fun stuff for his first office…or cube, more likely, or perhaps the classroom if you know a spanking new teacher. Check out these fun toys to remind your newly annointed adult friend or relative that we’re all kids at heart.



Stuff They Do Without 

If you’re a recent grad, whether high school or college, it is likely that times are tough. Do your grad a favor and get him something he actually needs. For example, how about a gas card? Gas is no fun to pay for, but it is if it’s free for this week (or this month). How about a streaming service? Netflix may be a luxury to some–so go ahead and get him a year of Netflix.

Luggage is another cool option for someone who travels with garbage bags. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you have to look poor.

Concert tickets or some other form of entertainment is also a great idea. These little luxuries add up and are often not affordable for the person scraping by. You’ll be greatly appreciated for adding a bit of spice to lives of your near dear.