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Unique Easter Egg Ideas


Easter is such a fun holiday to decorate for. We decorate baskets. We decorate ourselves in our Sunday best. And, of course, we decorate Easter Eggs.

There’s some comfort in keeping with tradition. We get out our plastic cups, pour vinegar and water into them with tiny tablets of dye, and dip our hard-boiled eggs encompassed with wire. But if you are looking for unique ways to make your eggs stand out this year, we have you covered.

Unique Kits

You can still keep the old tradition of in-box kits, courtesy of stores like WalMart. But these in-box kits will put a non-traditional twist on all of your old tricks:

  • Glitter Eggs
  • Neon Eggs
  • Tie Dye Eggs

Go Au Naturale

Do something different by creating your own dye using food products from around the house! For example, you can make the perfect robin’s egg blue using boiled red cabbage, of all things. You can also use red and yellow onion skins, shredded beets, ground turmeric, and tea to make colors like orange, lavender, yellow and pink. You can find full instructions from The Kitchn here.

Other homemade dyes can be made from blueberries, purple grape juice, pomegranate juice, coffee, chili powder, boiled yellow apple skins, carrots, paprika, raspberries, cranberries, red wine, celery seeds, and ground cumin.

Hand Paint Your Easter Eggs

You can hand paint eggs in a lot of ways. Of course, you can bust out a fine paintbrush and some acrylic paint, and paint intricate, Eastern European designs on them, or beautiful scenery depending on your skill level.

You can also get out nothing more than a sharpie for a black and white decorating party. To get some inspiration, google M.C. Escher artwork, and try to transpose some of that spirit onto your eggs.

Keep the Shape, Lose the Egg

If you’re not one of those people that likes hard boiled eggs, or you have young kids who are prone to break them, you may want to look at alternative options. Keep the egg shape, but lose the actual egg.

One place to find a super fun alternative is the Popcorn Factory. They sell a kit where you can decorate popcorn eggs with all kinds of cute Easter-themed candies. Plus, if you order soon, you can get 20% off your order for the holiday.

If you want something sweet, pull out your recipe for Christmas sugar cookies. You can then pick up some inexpensive Easter-themed cookie cutters, and use sprinkles and DIY buttercream frosting to decorate your very own Easter egg cookies. Go wild and throw bunnies into the mix, too. There’s no rule book here.

Another option is making string eggs. To do this, you blow a bunch of balloons partially up, until they look like eggs. Then, you soak colored yarn in glue, and wrap it around each balloon in random patterns until you have something that looks like the frame of an egg. Once the glue is dry, you pop the balloon and are left with just the frame!